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Solar term health preservation activities: how to fish after cold dew?

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since ancient times, countless people like fishing. This outdoor activity is loved by both men and women, young and old. Generally speaking, there are fewer fishermen near winter, because the weather is getting colder and it is difficult to catch fish. However, there are also fishing methods and skills in the cold dew. Come and have a look at the get skills if you love fishing.


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"1. Grasp the law of autumn change, choose the time to catch cold dew and frost, and the climate changes from heat to cold, which are the two solar terms alternating heat and cold. As the saying goes, "before and after frost, fishing has a rush". During the period of cold dew and frost, it is the golden season for fishing for crucian carp, and the hook rate of crucian carp is relatively high. In late autumn fishing, although the influence of temperature on water temperature is more changeable than that in mid autumn, they all show a decreasing trend, and more sudden cold weather will occur. However, in sunny days, the temperature and water temperature are more suitable for the living environment of fish. Fishermen should seize the opportunity of variable temperature, which is the key to fishing seasonal fish.

2. Selection of fishing position in autumn cold dew and frost fall fishing position should be at the junction of depth and depth, uneven underwater, wooden piles and branches, water inlet and outlet, wooden pile side in the water, water grass side, random stone side, spring, slope ridge ditch, in front of the dam, etc. these places are all natural fishways, where fish go in and out and look for food,.

3. Selection of nest bait and fishing bait. The change of water temperature in autumn also changes the feeding habits of fish, and the taste of fish changes to Fishy Flavor. Therefore, changing the proportion of bait is the main factor to increase the catch. Therefore, bait with fishy smell and sweet taste should be selected; You can also add some shrimp powder or fish powder to the bait to increase the fishy smell of the bait and improve the desire of fish to eat.


4. The choice of fishing tackle is due to the fierce feeding of fish in autumn, the strong struggle after being hooked, and the food is not as picky as that in other seasons. According to this habit of fish in autumn, the fishing rod should be strong and solid, the fishing line should be thicker and the hook should be larger. The thickness of the fishing line and the size of the hook should be based on reality and vary from fish to fish.

5. The fishing methods should be flexible and diverse. When you arrive at a new fishing ground, don't lay a nest at will. The fishing points should be detected by throwing rods repeatedly to find out the parts at the bottom of the slope with scarps at the bottom of the water or the slope extending from the bank to the water. The lower edge of the scarps in the water, the bottom of the slope, the edge of water and grass, and the side of the wooden pile are all places that fish like to visit. Big fish generally inhabit the deep-water places with obstacles, such as the edge of large stone reefs, beside cross timber stumps and under trench piers. Except for occasional cruising near the shore in the morning and evening of late spring, early summer and mid autumn, they generally forage in shallow water within 3 meters.

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