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A complete collection of greetings from cold dew, presenting the most beautiful solar terms greetings

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enters the cold dew, which means that the severe cold is coming. We began to prepare for health preservation and to spend this winter warm. At the same time, we will also send text messages to greet our relatives and friends, hoping that they will have the same warmth in their hearts this winter. Then, let's take a look at the greetings of Han Lu.


1. My warm affection is permeated in the cold breath, and my concern like spring is condensed in the crystal of dew. My constant prayer is between the circulation of each day, and behind the change of each solar term is my still blessing. I wish you happiness, peace, good luck and boundless happiness. Happy cold dew.

2. The temperature drops, the dew is cool, and the cold dew solar terms appear again. Miss long, worry about busy, ask your friends the truth. Add clothes, keep healthy, warm and remind anyone to fly. Cold dew blessings are for you. It's a blessing to forward friends.

3. Sweet scented osmanthus and chrysanthemum yellow, all troubles go away like the wind; The autumn wind is getting colder, and the cold dew comes, and a trace of sadness climbs up to my heart again. Coming and going, unchanged is my blessing. I wish you a flower like mood and a smiling face on the cold dew Festival.

4. The cold dew has arrived. The weather is changeable, the cold wave is wanton, and the air conditioner wanders around. It's important to keep out of the cold. Send you three treasures: add clothes in time, exercise a lot, send text messages and feel comfortable! Finally, I wish you a cool cold dew!

5. The cold dew is coming. I would like to represent: the dripping autumn dew, the frost, the drooping autumn fruit, the sweet sugarcane, the flying geese moving south and the chrysanthemums everywhere. I wish you a cold day, a cold body and a good mood every day!


6. The wild goose guests have a spectacular trip. The birds are clams in the flood. The chrysanthemum has the beautiful scenery of yellow flowers. In the cold dew season, the cold wave strikes. You need to keep fit with the climate, nourish yin, prevent dryness, moisten your stomach and lungs, be optimistic and open-minded. I wish you a more posture in your life!

7. Cold dew arrives, "the weasel stands at attention -- show a small hand". Salute to you, greet you and bless you. May your big brother "grey wolf" be happy, warm, lazy, beautiful and happy every day!

8. You are very cute. Don't play bad. Cold dew can be cold. Be sober. Add clothes and quilt. You should know everything. Go out to prevent cold. Don't be idle at home. Pick up your mobile phone, send messages and tell each other. My slogan: Happy cold dew and keep warm.

9. Don't scold me for being bad. My SMS is the fastest. Don't be bothered by me. Think more carefully than you. Don't be afraid of cold dew. I bless you and wait. Don't be obedient. I'm always concerned about cold dew today. I wish you enough fun!


10. The cold dew arrives earlier than me. The cold air rises. The SMS is more intimate than the cold air. The truth is there and the transmission is far away. Only the SMS is the most conspicuous. Please accept it and treasure it carefully. The affectionate blessing is more auspicious. Happy Hanlu!

11. Here comes the cold dew: May you show your love clothes and show the cold dew fashion; May you show your momentum and show the brilliance of cold dew; May you show your strength and resist the cold dew; I wish you a happy cold dew!

12. When the cold dew season comes, we need to know: adding clothes and quilt is very important to keep warm; Eat a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables; Go to bed early and get up early, get enough sleep and keep fit; Keep fit, relaxed and happy with you!

13. When the cold dew comes, the breeze is cool, the drizzle is boundless, and the friendship is long. Care and greetings send wishes. Happiness and auspiciousness surround you. Good luck hugs you tightly. You are happy, healthy and strong. The cold dew blesses you with laughter and sweet life!

14. In cold dew season, the temperature is cold. A short message sends warmth. Wear more clothes to keep warm. After replacement, you will be protected from night cold, wash your feet frequently, take more health care, go to bed early and get up early as a habit, dance and walk to prevent influenza, match well with meat and vegetables, strengthen the spleen, nourish the stomach and show your face. Here comes the cold dew. I wish you physical and mental health and happiness!

15. Cold dew solar terms. The day has become cold and the night has become longer. Whisper greetings. How are you today? Whether you are tired or busy, go out early and return late, add clothes, be careful to catch a cold and take care of your body. Bless friends, happy and auspicious.

16. When the cold dew comes, happiness puts on a happy coat for you, beauty puts on a happy jacket for you, auspiciousness puts on a lucky hat for you, peace puts on healthy shoes for you, and friends send sincere wishes for you: May you be well and everything go well!

17. The grass hid in the ground, the flowers ran into the soil, the frogs hid in the mud, the geese flew into the clouds, the cold dew weather began to be cold, warm greetings to you, quickly get into the quilt and go to the dream with happiness!

18. When the cold dew comes, the dew is beautiful, and the branches and petals are crystal. Good luck, good luck and happiness will cover you. Peace and happiness are delivered, sincere feelings and troubles are eliminated. The cold dew is here. May you be happy, healthy and happy!

19. Here comes the cold dew: May you put on the coat of making a breakthrough in your career, may you carry a quiet bag of wealth, and may you have a happy smile; Enter the cold dew season and run smoothly! Happy Hanlu!


20. From the solar term to the cold dew, send blessings by SMS: the "dew" of wealth, the "dew" of future Pingchuan, the "dew" of good luck, and the "dew" of happy spring rain. I wish Bailu happiness!

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