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The coldest competition of the 24 solar terms: is the cold dew cold?

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cold dew is a solar term from heat to cold. It is still autumn and not winter. We know that winter is the coldest time of the year. Will it be cold with cold dew? According to your life experience for many years, can you determine whether the approximate temperature of cold dew is cold or hot? Go and find out with Xiao Bian.


and 寒露 may also be interested in the origin and customs of the cold dew season.


the "cold" of the cold dew is cold, "dew" represents the phenomenon that the water vapor in the near surface layer condenses into dew. However, from the meteorological point of view, the cold dew solar term, like the White Dew solar term and frost fall solar term, represents a more obvious significance of heat change than its significance of water change. It should be said that it more reflects a process of temperature change and season change.


in climatology, after the cold dew, the cold air in the North has a certain force, and most parts of China are under the control of cold high pressure. The weather is warm in the day and cool at night. The sky is clear for thousands of miles. It is a scene of late autumn. The rapid drop of temperature is a remarkable feature of cold dew season. After a strong cold air brings autumn wind and rain, it is common for the temperature to drop by 8-10 ℃. In the season of


, the temperature continues to drop in most parts of southern China. The daily average temperature in South China is less than 20 ℃, even in the coastal areas of the Yangtze River, it is difficult for the mercury column to rise above 30 ℃, while the minimum temperature can fall below 10 ℃. Except for a few Valley lowlands in the Northwest Plateau, the average temperature of climate (5 days) is generally lower than 10 ℃. Measured by the standard of climatology to divide the four seasons, it is winter. Thousands of miles of frost shop, thousands of miles of snow, which is very different from autumn in South China.

"it's rare for a man in single clothes to eat cold dew rice." in cold dew season, the temperature further decreases and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Remember to add clothes and pay attention to foot warmth. Cold dew of


is a festival in late autumn. At this time, the public should pay attention to preventing "autumn dryness", strengthen warmth preservation and prevent colds. In order to prevent autumn dryness, it is suggested that the public should not eat or eat less spicy barbecue food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and bean products that moisten the lungs and dry, and drink more boiled water, honey water, vegetable soup, soybean milk, milk, etc. After the cold dew of


, the temperature keeps falling, and people are easy to catch a cold. Therefore, the public should pay attention to adding clothes in time, strengthen outdoor exercise and enhance their physique. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the pace of life and living environment, prevent excessive fatigue and uncontrolled nightlife, and quit smoking and drinking.


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