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At the beginning of summer, Shaobing is delicious in Jiaxing

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At the beginning of summer in

, there are many unique solar terms and eating customs in Jiaxing, such as eating "wild rice" according to the old tradition, eating Baiwu eggs and Baiwu meat, and tasting the beginning of summer fresh goods in the sea, on the ground and in trees, such as broad beans, yellow croaker and cherry. But today Xiaobian wants to introduce you to another Jiaxing Lixia cuisine, that is Lixia collapse cake. Let's have a look now.

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"Lixia collapse cake, also known as malt collapse cake, is a snack with a long history in Jiaxing. It is popular among Jiaxing people every year at the beginning of summer. In addition to eating at home to satisfy their cravings, it is also presented to relatives and friends. It is delicious and practical. According to the older generation, the origin of the collapse cake at the beginning of summer has a good story for thousands of years.


it is said that in ancient times, there was a white dragon in Xiangfu Dang, Xitang. There was an 18-year-old burly man, black Jiao, who turned into a black Jiaolong at the beginning of summer. After a soul stirring battle, he finally defeated the white dragon and turned into a black giant dam to hold the white dragon under him. This is the Wujiao dam in Xiangfu Dang. Since then, Xiangfu Dang lake has no longer had strong winds and waves, and no farmland has been destroyed or ships capsized. In order to commemorate Heijiao, people went to the fields to pick "Tian ears", grind flour and paste noodles to make malt collapse cakes and sacrifice heroes.


then later generations gradually formed the custom of making and eating cakes at the beginning of summer. Every summer, people picked "Tian Er" and put malt powder and glutinous rice powder into it, embedded it in bean paste and walnut kernel, made it into dumplings, cooked it in a steamer, fried it in oil, sprinkled sesame seeds and sprinkled with sugar water to make malt collapse cakes and give them to relatives and friends, because "Tian Er" It only grows during the beginning of summer, so "malt collapse cake" is also known as "beginning of summer collapse cake".

if you only look at the shape, the collapse cake is not liked at all: it is flat, round, and the color is dark gray with grass color. Careful observation will find that there are sesame seeds on it. Sesame seeds and gray black skin are mixed together, which is not attractive at all, but the cake can not be judged by appearance. Once it is put into your mouth, it has a surprisingly good taste.


glutinous rice flour, malt flour, Tian'er and sesame are waxy, soft and sticky. The outer skin of the collapse cake is different from that of the dumpling. It is softer, more tenacious and more elastic than that of the dumpling; At the same time, it seems to be similar to the skin of qingtuanzi, but it has a unique fragrance of "Tian ear" than the skin of qingtuanzi.


under such a soft skin, Lixia pancake contains a "strong heart" - large walnut kernel, which tastes crisp. Different from other big walnut kernels, it is wrapped in bean paste with delicate taste and becomes very sweet. The bean paste melts in the mouth and won't feel greasy. It can be described as fragrant, sweet, soft and waxy. It's so delicious that it makes people's mouth water.


summer cake is not only a delicious local snack, but also a memorial to the legendary black dragon fighting the white dragon and protecting one side's peace in Jiaxing. It also expresses people's deep love for their hometown.


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