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What's the next sentence of frost and blue sky? what do you mean?

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The frost season of

is late autumn, and it is gradually ushering in the footsteps of winter. At this time, the weather is getting colder and begins to frost, and everything in the world is becoming more and more bleak and distant. There are many poems in history. The author uses the frost to express his feelings. Now let's appreciate it. What does the famous sentence "frost is blue and the sky is quiet" mean? What's the next sentence?

霜降碧天静的下一句是什么?什么意思? you may like "frost health tea for nourishing yin and lungs"


"ask: what's the next sentence of frost? Answer: the next sentence is "autumn promotes the west wind", which comes from the Song Dynasty poet ye mengde's "water melody singer · looking at the sun in September and shooting at the west garden with guests, but I can't shoot even if I get sick" and


water melody singer · looking at the sun in September and shooting at the west garden with guests, but I can't shoot even if I get sick "song · ye mengde's frost makes the west wind calm, and autumn promotes the west wind. The cold voice was hidden, and the early night was Wutong. Looking back at the high city, I can see the Guanhe River thousands of miles away. I am drunk with you. Folding drums makes dawn, flying horses lead carved bows. At the end of the year, guests argue and laugh and ask the old man. The pride of his life lies in who Shen Ling is. It's like a tiger at a feast. Where the strings sound, the geese fall into the air. It's a shame to be old. Look back at the clouds.


were written on the film. The first four sentences were written in the time of shooting the western garden. In the late autumn, the frost descended, and the sky was clear. The westerly wind was temporarily rising, and the cold was intermittent. The west wind is bleak and tight, and winter is coming. The poet can't help thinking of the soldiers in front of him. It's time to prepare their food and pay for the winter and make cotton clothes to keep out the cold. The author of


once worked as the general manager of the fourth route of Cao Ji to supply and pay. There were many military forces who fully supported the war of resistance against Japan. The advent of winter naturally made him uneasy because of his concern for the front. In the three sentences of "overlooking the high city", the worried poet got up and left his seat, climbed the city tower and looked at the Central Plains, but he saw thousands of miles off the river and desolation. Although he was committed to the war of resistance against Japan, the Song court insisted on Gou he, and the cause of resistance against gold was silent.


in the face of the deserted Guanhe River, the sadness of the fragmentation of mountains and rivers and the fall of the country surged into my heart. It was unbearable. I could only drown my worries by drinking, so I was said to be drunk with customers. After the banquet, the dawn of the day, the drums in the army sounded, and the warriors galloped with carved bows on the martial arts field. What a magnificent scene of martial arts shooting is exciting.


are written in the next film of Xiyuan Xishe. In the face of the crowd's driving and shooting, poets over 60 feel that they are old and weak. Their pride has now disappeared. How can they wave their strings and fall to the ground like tiger yuede. Here is the praise of tiger scholars and the sigh of their aging.


the enemy prisoners are old and can't gallop the battlefield, which makes the author deeply regret. Finally, the author concludes with "it's a shame to be old and look back into the clouds". Although the poet is ashamed of his inability to serve the country, he is old-fashioned, has a heart in the clouds, and has a complex border defense. In his twilight years, he also takes it as his duty to fight the Jin soldiers and recover the Central Plains, showing the magnificent mind of an old man with lofty ideals against Jin.

ye mengde (1077-1148) was a poet of Song Dynasty. In his later years, he was called a stone forest resident. Most of his poems were named after stone forest, such as stone forest Yan language, stone forest Ci, stone forest poetry, etc. Ye mengde was an important poet who played a leading and pivotal role in the variation of CI style from the late Northern Song Dynasty to the first half of the Southern Song Dynasty.

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