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To be beautiful and healthy, what clothes should frost wear?

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frost term is in late autumn. It is when the temperature gradually drops and the cool heat alternates. If you don't pay attention a little, the human body will be attacked by autumn dryness and autumn cold and cause diseases. You need to be careful. Let's take a look at what clothes frost wears to make you beautiful and healthy.

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"health experts point out that the solar term of frost should not be naked to prevent cool air from invading the body. "White Dew does not expose the body, frost does not expose the feet" is a good health preservation experience. In addition, as the saying goes, "a cold autumn rain", we should gradually add clothes as the weather turns cool, but don't add clothes too much or too quickly. As the saying goes, "spring covers autumn". Moderately experiencing some cold in autumn is conducive to improving the cold resistance of skin and nasal mucosa, which is beneficial to safely spend winter.

in late autumn, there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening, which is very cool. You should wear more clothes. In addition, autumn is the season of frequent diarrhea. People should pay special attention to keeping warm in the abdomen. Now let's look at some clothes that can be considered to match in the frost season.

simple H-shaped wool long coat with classic double breasted design is very casual and versatile. It can be lined with black-and-white striped sweater, match with royal blue pencil pants and camel snow boots, and carry a Brown Mini messenger bag. The simple matching can create an unimaginable charming effect, and the warm keeping effect is full score.

Eurya lemon yellow coat is exquisite and elegant, and the natural and wide hem shapes a sweet and fresh image. It can be lined with mint green turtleneck sweater. The two colors are fresh and elegant, with a natural transition. It shows the goddess style by wearing white mesh skirt and camel colored bandage snow boots.


white crew neck sweaters with fungus hem highlight the lady's temperament. The exquisite knitted plate flowers add a bit of cute and playful feeling. They can be matched with the large swing skirt of Harajuku style, and then wear velvet wine red slope heels. The overall effect is very sweet and moving, which is unforgettable at first sight.


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