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What time is the sunrise and sunset of the summer solstice in 2016

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summer solstice represents the official beginning of summer, and it is also a small forecast that summer will be hot. The summer solstice is not necessarily hot weather. In addition, another obvious feature is that the summer solstice will have the longest day and the shortest night. Do you know when the sunrise and sunset of the summer solstice in 2016 will be? Let's find out.


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"Q: what time is the sunrise and sunset of the summer solstice? A: the sunrise time on the summer solstice is 6:34:08 a.m. and the sunset time is 6:43:12.

we know the latitude a of the direct point of sunlight on the earth, and find the sunrise time at any point on the earth (known latitude is b). We have obtained a formula: T = 12 * arccos (TGA * TGB) / π (applicable to the northern hemisphere). The summer solstice: the direct point of the sun is also on the Tropic of cancer, a = b = 23 ° 26 ', which is brought into the formula to get t = 5.28, That is, the sunrise time is 5:16:48 a.m. The sunrise time and sunset time are symmetrical at 12 noon, so the sunset time on the summer solstice is 6:43:12 p.m. The time of sunrise and sunset will vary with seasons and local latitudes. The summer solstice is the longest day and the shortest night in the northern hemisphere. Most people intuitively think that the sunrise on the day of the summer solstice is also the earliest and the sunset is the latest. But in fact, the earliest sunrise in a year usually occurs in early June before the summer solstice, and the latest sunset is from the end of June to the beginning of July after the summer solstice.

summer solstice day length representative cities: representative cities: Harbin day length 15 hours and 43 minutes; The day length in Beijing is 15 hours and 1 minute; The day length in Jinan is 14 hours and 40 minutes; The day length in Shanghai is 14 hours and 11 minutes; The day length in Hangzhou is 14 hours and 7 minutes; Fuzhou day is 13 hours and 46 minutes long; The day length in Guangzhou is 13 hours and 34 minutes; The length of the day in Hong Kong is 13 hours and 30 minutes.

features of the summer solstice: Although the day is the longest and the sun angle is the highest, it is not the hottest time of the year. Because the heat near the surface continues to accumulate at this time, and does not reach the maximum. As the saying goes, "the heat is three volts". The real hot weather is calculated based on the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn. From mid July to mid August, the temperature in all parts of China is the highest, and the highest temperature in some areas can reach about 40 degrees. On the summer solstice, the position where the sun shines directly on the ground reaches the northernmost end of the year, almost directly on the Tropic of cancer (23 ° 27 'n), and the day in the northern hemisphere is the longest, and the longer it goes north. After the summer solstice, the position of direct sunlight on the ground gradually moves south, and the days in the northern hemisphere become shorter and shorter. "But the summer solstice is not hot" and "three gengs count their heads at the summer solstice". Although the summer solstice means that the hot summer has come, it is not the hottest time. The temperature continues to rise for a period of time after the summer solstice. It is generally the hottest weather in about twenty or thirty days. After the summer solstice, the ground is heated strongly and the air convection is strong. Thunder showers are often formed from afternoon to evening. This kind of hot thunderstorm comes and goes quickly, and the rainfall range is small. People call it summer rain across the farmland. In the south, Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, skillfully borrowed this kind of weather to write a famous poem that the sun rises in the East and rains in the West.

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