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When will Shanghai Huangmei day start in 2016

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When the

yellow plum day comes, the walls and furniture of the home seem to be covered with a layer of water droplets, clothes, bedding and all kinds of food. Mold will grow if you are not careful. In order to prevent the unexpected, people have summarized many ways to deal with Huangmei day. However, when Huangmei day will come, we also need to know in advance to be ready. Then today's plum rain season will introduce you. When will Shanghai Huangmei day begin in 2016?

2016年上海黄梅天什么时候开始 you may like "popular folk summer solstice noodles"


"Q: when does Shanghai Huangmei day begin in 2016? A: the seed in ear date in 2016 is June 5, and the first C day after seed in ear is June 7. Therefore, the 2016 Shanghai Huangmei day starts from June 7, 2016.


the typical plum rain in Shanghai is generally "plum in" from early June to mid June, and plum out from early July to mid July. Welcoming plum rain refers to the cloudy rain before entering the plum, which generally starts in mid May and lasts for about half a month, i.e. 15 days.


every year from late May to early June, the cold air from the north and the warm air from the south to the North converge in South China to form a quasi quiet and stop front in South China. In late June, the warm air force increased, and the quasi static front moved north to the Jianghuai area, becoming the Jianghuai quasi static front (also known as Meiyu front). The rain belt maintained in the Jianghuai river basin is Meiyu. The stay time of the rain belt is called "plum rain season", the day at the beginning of the plum rain season is called "entering plum", and the day at the end is called "leaving plum".

common sense of moisture-proof clothes in rainy season clothes containing moisture will cause a large number of molds or insect eggs. Clothes must be washed and thoroughly dried before they are put into the wardrobe. If the air is wet and the clothes can't be dried, you can use a dryer, air conditioner or electric fan to dry them.


can put some mildew and moth proofing agents in the wardrobe, and it is best to hang about 10cm above the clothes. In addition, camphor products shall not be directly put into the clothing pocket or directly contact the clothing, so as to avoid damage to the clothing fabric or yellowing of the clothing. In addition to the commonly used anti mildew products such as camphor pills and anti mildew cakes, there are moisture absorption and dehumidification products such as bamboo charcoal and charcoal in the supermarket, which can reduce the humidity in wardrobe and shoes.

in addition, often opening the door of the wardrobe can ventilate and prevent mildew. If you are afraid of dust, you can lay a newspaper at the bottom of the wardrobe and stick a newspaper on the inner side of the cabinet door, which can not only absorb moisture, but also repel insects.

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