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Don't forget that there are 39 stickers after the three volt stickers

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China's traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound, and at the same time it is close to people's daily life. For example, the three volt patch is a traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy method we are very familiar with in summer. However, when the three or nine days in winter come, there are three or nine patches corresponding to the three volt patch. Now let's understand it.

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"summer dog stickers are" winter diseases and summer treatment ", and winter 39 stickers are" winter diseases and winter treatment ". "Treating winter diseases in summer and treating winter diseases in winter" is a special treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the principle of "nourishing yang in spring and summer and nourishing Yin in autumn and winter" in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, the three Fu paste is carried out at the favorable opportunity of high temperature in summer, abundant Yang Qi and vigorous Qi and blood in the body's surface meridians.


in winter, Yang Qi accumulates, Qi and blood are not smooth, skin is dry and pores are blocked. Through the treatment of warming meridians, dispersing cold and removing phlegm, we can adjust the balance of yin and Yang and recover some diseases. During the "March 9th" period of the lunar calendar, drugs with Xin San Wen Tong are selected and applied at specific acupoints. Through the warm and hot stimulation of drugs on acupoints, the effect of dispelling cold evil in the body can be achieved, which belongs to "winter disease and winter treatment".


the "nine days" of the "winter solstice" every year is the time when the external weather is the coldest and the Yang Qi of the human body is the weakest. At the same time, the sunshine time gradually increases from the "winter solstice". At this time, if the traditional Chinese medicine for tonifying yang and Qi is selected to act on specific acupoints and reach the viscera through the meridians, it can help the Yang Qi of the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases and preventing recurrent diseases.


traditional Chinese medicine believe that man and nature are a harmonious and unified whole. In the process of disease treatment, organically combining the characteristics of balancing human Yin and Yang and four seasons climate will have twice the effect with half the effort. The winter weather is cold and the cold evil is extremely abundant. The Yang of patients with "winter disease" is more insufficient. The cold evil is most likely to take advantage of the deficiency and easily induce or aggravate chronic diseases such as respiratory tract, such as asthma, emphysema, rhinitis, pneumonia, chronic neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.


therefore, based on the treatment of winter diseases in summer, acupoint application in the "March 9th" season can strengthen the health, dispel evil and regulate and supplement Yin and Yang. It can not only help the human body resist external evil and prevent diseases, but also strengthen and consolidate the curative effect of summer three volt patch.


people often say "three volts in summer and three nine volts in winter". Thirty nine days is the best time to replenish Yang, which is of great benefit. "Sanjiu application" and "Sanfu application" are complementary treatment systems for the prevention and treatment of "winter diseases". Director Xue Airong said that the "three nine" and "three volt" are applied alternately, yin and Yang complement each other and circulate orderly, which are jointly incorporated into the treatment system for the prevention and treatment of "winter diseases".

well, if there is no three volt paste, can the three nine paste still be pasted? The answer is yes. Even if you don't stick three volt stickers in summer, you can still stick three nine stickers in winter. Sticking treatment is a course of treatment for three years.

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