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As the saying goes in solar terms, why is it that "all people worry about summer and rain"

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is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. It comes around August 23 every year. In our folk, there is a saying related to summer, which is called "thousands of people worry when it rains in summer". What does this mean? Why do you say that? Now let's listen to what the weather experts say.

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thousands of people worry about the rain in summer. This sentence means that if it rains on the day of summer, there will be more rain in autumn. It is generally believed that there is more rain in autumn and the harvest is not guaranteed. If there is enough rain in summer, the rice will have enough grain filling, and there will be a bumper harvest in autumn.


if it rains in the summer solar term, it means that there is a lot of rain in autumn, and the rice may rot in the ground. This is because the rain is too abundant, the sunlight on rainy days is not as strong as summer, and the water is not easy to volatilize. After the grain falls down, there is still a lot of water in the starched grain, and the grain is easy to rot. And this situation is not limited to Cereals, but also most other crops, and leafy vegetables are more affected.


at the same time, there is another saying about "thousands of people worry about the rain in the summer". That is, if there is rain in the summer, the autumn tiger will turn around. However, according to the meteorological department, although this folk proverb is scientific, it does not apply to every year.


according to the explanation of meteorological experts, when the summer comes, the summer will end on this day. The temperature in most parts of China will gradually drop, the cold air activity will increase, and the rainfall will also gradually decrease. Summer rainfall proves that cold air activities are frequent, which will lead to a continuous autumn rain, but this is not absolute. In some years, after summer, the "autumn tiger" is very powerful, but in some years, the "autumn tiger" will not appear.


after summer, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, and the temperature is high in white weather. In autumn, the human body is prone to autumn dryness. At this time, people need to supplement more water and eat more heat clearing and calming food, especially strengthen physical exercise and enhance the human body's immunity to diseases.

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