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Solar term phenomenon, causes of summer drought, disastrous climate in monsoon area

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With the arrival of the great heat in the 24 solar terms of

, people have entered the hottest period of the year. At this time, China's Yangtze River Basin and Jiangnan area are prone to meteorological disasters of summer drought, which has a great impact on agricultural production. So what is the cause of the summer drought? Let's get to know.

节气现象伏旱的成因,季风区灾害性气候 you may like "the great summer heat is a drought in the dog days of"


". It is called the dog (summer) drought and belongs to the disastrous climate in the monsoon area. Probably between mid July and mid August. It mainly occurs in the Yangtze River Basin and Jiangnan region of China, especially in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces. The summer drought not only has a great impact on agricultural production, but also affects industrial and mining water, domestic water and shipping; It also causes diseases and endangers human and animal health due to dry heat and water shortage.

so how did the summer drought come into being? From mid July to mid August, the Meiyu static front has moved to the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and the Northeast in early July. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are controlled by the subtropical high, forming an anticyclone weather, dominated by the sinking airflow, long sunshine, strong solar radiation, high temperature and prosperous evaporation. However, due to the single air mass, except for thunderstorms in some areas, there is no large rain area, and drought and hot weather are common, which is called "summer drought".


are characterized by strong solar radiation, high temperature, low humidity and large evaporation and transpiration, which generally do more harm to crops than spring drought. There is a folk saying that spring drought is not drought and summer drought is reduced by half. At the same time, although it is sunny and rainy during the summer drought, due to the dense river network in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Eastern Sichuan, a lot of water vapor evaporation and high low-level humidity, it is not easy to dissipate heat. High temperature and high humidity make it difficult for the human body to sweat and feel stuffy. Prevention and control measures for


summer drought 1. Relevant departments and units shall do a good job in emergency response and disaster relief for drought prevention according to their responsibilities; 2. Governments at all levels and relevant departments start emergency water supply schemes such as long-distance water transfer, and take various means such as providing external water, drilling deep wells and vehicle water delivery to ensure the living of urban and rural residents and drinking water for livestock; 3. Supply domestic water for urban residents in limited time or in limited quantity, and reduce or stop agricultural irrigation water supply in stages; 4. Non productive high water consumption and water for service industry are strictly prohibited, and the discharge of industrial sewage is suspended; 5. The meteorological department shall timely increase the intensity of artificial precipitation enhancement.


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