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The literary connotation of folk solar terms: a summary of three or nine days' allegorical sayings

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is the coldest time of the year compared with dog days, because the earth's heat storage is the least in the whole year. In China, there have been some allegorical sayings related to the three or nine days for a long time. With the cold climate characteristics of the three or nine days, they express all kinds of vivid and interesting meanings. Now let's see what they have.

民间节气的文学内涵:三九天歇后语汇总 what are the antonyms of "three or nine days" you may like?

Three or nine days of heart to heart talk -- cold words -- three or nine days of giving fur coats -- warming people's hearts -- three or nine days of fan -- fire in my heart -- three or nine days of eating plum -- poor three or nine days of not wearing cotton -- shrinking hands and feet -- falling out of the ice cave -- shaking up three or nine days of wearing skirts -- beautiful and moving popsicles -- no one paid attention to three or nine days Beggars - cold and hungry, drinking ginger soup for thirty-nine days - warm-hearted intestines, peach blossoms for thirty-nine days - rare; Too strange; It's strange to drink cold water in thirty-nine days - from inside to outside, to eat popsicles in thirty-nine days - cold heart; Cold and warm, I know that the dried tofu for three or nine days - cold and hard, wearing a single coat for three or nine days - trembled;


allegorical sayings are a special language form in China's traditional culture and a short, funny and vivid sentence. It consists of two parts: the former part plays the role of "Introduction", like a puzzle, and the latter part plays the role of "backing", like a puzzle, which is very natural and appropriate. In a certain language environment, people usually say the first half of a Xiehouyu, and "Xie" goes to the second half, but people can still understand and guess its original meaning, so it is called Xiehouyu.


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