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What is the weather system of summer drought and the contest between high and low pressure

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summer heat is the hottest and wettest day of the year. This should be the time when crops grow fastest all over China, but the summer drought disaster in the Yangtze River Basin and Jiangnan area is the great enemy of agricultural production. So let's understand what weather system causes the summer drought.

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"Q: what weather system promotes the formation of summer drought? A: the summer drought is caused by the anticyclone in the northern hemisphere.

with the increase of temperature, the land pressure decreases, and the subtropical high pressure (Hawaiian high) in the Pacific gradually moves westward. The normal year is from mid July to mid August, controlling the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Under the control of subtropical high pressure (Hawaiian high pressure), an anticyclone weather system is formed. The central pressure of


anticyclone is the highest, decreasing gradually from inside to outside, also known as high pressure. At this time, the downdraft is very strong, so it is difficult to form precipitation in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. There are many sunny days in July and August, long sunshine, strong solar radiation, high temperature and vigorous evaporation. Due to the single air mass, there is no large rain area except thunderstorms in some areas, Drought and hot summer weather are common, resulting in midsummer and summer drought.


are characterized by strong solar radiation, high temperature, low humidity and large evaporation and transpiration. The summer drought not only has a great impact on agricultural production, but also affects industrial and mining water, domestic water and shipping; It also causes diseases and endangers human and animal health due to dry heat and water shortage. When


suffer from drought, relevant departments and units shall do a good job in drought prevention emergency and disaster relief according to their responsibilities; Governments at all levels and relevant departments should better start emergency water supply schemes such as long-distance water transfer, and take various means such as providing external water, drilling deep wells and vehicle water delivery to ensure the daily life of urban and rural residents and drinking water for livestock; Supply domestic water for urban residents within a limited time or in a limited amount, and reduce or stop agricultural irrigation water supply in stages; Non productive high water consumption and water for service industry are strictly prohibited, and the discharge of industrial sewage is suspended.

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