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The two word formula of treating summer heat and maintaining health: pay attention to clearing and moistening diet

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is the summer season. It is autumn. At this time, autumn dryness is booming, which is easy to hurt Yin and Tianjin. In particular, in traditional Chinese medicine, autumn Qi should respond to the lungs, and the human lungs like to moisten and hate dryness. Therefore, the most important words of diet in summer solar terms are "Qing" and "run". Now let's take a look at the recipe for summer health.

处暑养生二字诀:饮食注重清和润01 you may like "what to eat after summer vacation"


"professional nutritionists suggest that you should be cool and dry during summer vacation. You should eat more sweet and juicy fruits such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, lotus root, horseshoe, grape, pear and citrus. In addition to replenishing the body's lack of water, these melons and fruits are also rich in various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which help to enhance the body's disease resistance.

in addition, eat more refreshing foods such as tremella, lily, lotus seed, honey, sesame and beans to prevent autumn dryness. Daily diet should avoid dryness. Spicy, barbecue and fried foods are easy to get angry, damage Yin fluid and aggravate autumn dryness symptoms. Next, let's take a look at several summer health food treatments.


Shashen Lily duck soup materials: 30g of North Shashen, Lily and Ophiopogon japonicus, 500g of duck meat, 5g of tangerine peel and two slices of ginger. Preparation method: wash the above ingredients and put them into the pot together. Add an appropriate amount of water. After boiling over a high fire, turn them into a low fire pot for an hour and a half, and add salt to taste. Efficacy: tonifying stomach, generating fluid, nourishing yin and moistening dryness. It is suitable for people with dry skin, oral and nasal mucosa and dry stool.


Chuanbei Tremella partridge soup materials: 300g partridge, 15g Chuanbei and Nanxing respectively, 30g tremella and two honey dates. Preparation method: wash and cut the partridge after slaughter, wash the rest of the ingredients and put them into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water, cook for an hour and a half, and season with salt. Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and moistening dryness, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. It is suitable for people with Yin deficiency and lung dryness or warm dryness that injures the lung and cough with phlegm.


Baiguo Yuba sugar water material: 75g Baiguo, 40g Yuba, two eggs and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Preparation method: remove the shell of ginkgo, put it into the pot, add water to boil, take it out and remove the core of the clothes; Soak the dried beancurd in water and cut into sections. Beat the eggs and set aside. Put ginkgo into the pot, add some water, cook for 30 minutes, add Yuba, cook for 15 minutes, pour in eggs, and finally add rock sugar to taste. Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and nourishing face, clearing heat and moistening dryness. It is suitable for people with deficiency of Yin fluid or both lung heat and Yin injury, lung dryness and dry cough.


Sydney horseshoe coconut juice material: 100g Sydney, 100g horseshoe, 350ml coconut milk and appropriate amount of rock sugar. Preparation method: peel and dice Sydney and horseshoe after washing, put them into a pot, pour coconut milk and an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat, change to medium heat for 5 minutes, and finally add rock sugar. Efficacy: clearing lung, moistening dryness, sweet, cool and generating fluid. It is suitable for people with lung dryness, Yin injury, dry throat and thirst.


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