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Frost falls and cars suffer? Tips: removing windshield fog

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frost is the last solar term in autumn. At this time, the weather is just like its name. Early frost has appeared in various places, and the fog has gradually increased. At this time, the majority of car owners often have to worry about the layer of fog on the front windshield of love cars. Today, let's take a look at the tips of frost solar term to remove the fog on the windshield.

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"the reason why the windows fog is" hot inside and cold outside ". When the temperature difference between inside and outside the car is large, the water vapor exhaled by the passengers in the car will condense into water vapor when encountering the cold glass. This is an old problem, but not a small problem. Once the driving line of sight is blocked, accidents may occur within a few seconds. Therefore, defogging is essential. Here are some demisting methods compiled by Xiaobian for you. Let's compare them together. The most original method of


: wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel. Advantages: immediate disadvantages: laborious, unsafe, and leave marks after wiping. The most original method of


is to wipe the glass directly with a dry cloth. Many citizens must have seen this scene: the old drivers always have a towel and wipe the glass when they stop at a red light. The disadvantage of this method is that it is laborious. After wiping, traces will be left on the glass, and fog will appear soon. If you wipe while driving, it is easy to cause an accident.

the most convenient way: blow with hot air advantages: no distraction disadvantages: the effect is slow, and the rest of the windows are still foggy

the second method is to blow directly with hot air. However, the effect of this method is relatively slow, and when the hot air is just turned on when the vehicle is moving, the fog on the front windshield becomes larger and larger, and the glass will become clear after more than ten minutes. The most creative method of


: detergent combined with dry cloth wiping advantages: good preventive effect disadvantages: it is necessary to deal with


in advance. The principle of this method is that detergent contains surfactant, which can change the surface tension of water and quickly condense fog droplets into large water droplets, so as to achieve anti fog effect. The specific operation is to mix the detergent with water in the proportion of about 1:6 on a sunny day, and then apply it evenly on the interior glass with a sponge. When it is dry, wipe it with a dry cloth without leaving any traces. The demisting effect of


can last for half a month in general, which is better than the first two methods. However, this method is a preventive measure and must be handled in advance. If the owner waits until fog is found, it is too late to operate again.

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