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The most difficult month: how to have a month in dog days

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The dog days of

are the days between the light summer heat and the beginning of autumn. It is the hottest and humid time of the year. For postpartum mothers, confinement is really the most difficult at this time, so how should mothers confinement in dog days? Let's get to know.

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how do you recuperate after confinement in dog days? Many people believe that confinement in dog days in summer should strictly abide by the rules of wearing long clothes and trousers, closed doors and windows, no air conditioning, no shampoo and bath. In fact, these views are not necessarily scientific. Here are the suggestions of maternal and infant experts for you.


prevent heatstroke. Temperature is the biggest test in confinement in dog days. In the high temperature of summer, although new mothers do not need to wrap towels and heavy packaging, they also need to wear loose and cool clothes, trousers and socks to prevent the cold. This itself is a little more than normal people wear. At this time, we should pay attention to the ventilation at home to avoid the new mother being in a high-temperature and muggy environment and prevent heatstroke.


pay attention to hygiene. The temperature in dog days will force people to sweat constantly, and it is also conducive to the breeding of various bacteria. When a new mother is confinement in dog days and her physical condition permits, she should start taking a bath. She should take a shower instead of a bath, keep her sweat glands unobstructed, clean her skin, pay attention to hygiene, and prevent mastitis and endometritis.


to resist the cold and confinement in dog days, it is necessary to open windows for ventilation, but postpartum mothers should avoid ventilation. If the air conditioner is turned on at home, the temperature should also be about 26 degrees Celsius, and the air outlet should not blow new mothers and babies. When a new mother takes a bath, she can't use cold water. The water temperature should be moderate. After taking a bath, she should dry her body and hair in time. In short, new mothers should not be allowed to absorb evil spirits such as damp and cold.


healthy diet during the dog days of confinement, new mothers should, according to their own situation, eat more light and delicious food that can generate saliva and relieve summer heat, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, drink more boiled water and eat less greasy food. Healthy eating habits are not only conducive to their mother's physical health, but also a kind of relaxation for their psychology.


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