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What is "three nine days roast"? Not everyone is suitable

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is the coldest time of the year. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that at this time, human Yang is the weakest. It is prone to respiratory diseases such as asthma and rhinitis, digestive diseases such as stomach pain and enteritis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain and dysmenorrhea. We need to be vigilant. In recent years, many people will have "three or nine days baking" at this time. What is this "three or nine days baking"? Is everyone suitable?

三九天炙是什么?并非人人都适合 you may like "three or nine days seven kinds of stomach nourishing ingredients"


"three or nine days moxibustion therapy is to apply drugs to specific acupoints on the body surface to treat diseases. It is the best combination of drug therapy and acupoint therapy in external therapy. Generally speaking, it is cold moxibustion or foaming moxibustion. This kind of therapy is popular because of its characteristics of "simplicity, convenience, cheapness and experience". Most of the drugs used in


three or nine day moxibustion have strong irritation, which can expand local blood vessels, promote blood circulation and improve the nutrition of surrounding tissues, so as to improve Yang Qi, warm meridians, reduce swelling and relieve pain. According to the viewpoint of "summer disease and winter treatment" of traditional Chinese medicine, 39 day treatment can better prevent disease and have a better effect of disease prevention and health preservation.

note: tianmoxibustion therapy is not suitable for everyone. Radical cure of diseases is a fallacy. The popularity of Sanjiu day moxibustion reflects the enhancement of people's self-care awareness. However, it should be noted that tianmoxibustion is only a health care method of adjuvant treatment. It mainly uses the key points of energy saving transformation to stimulate Yang Qi adjuvant treatment, which can not replace formal treatment, It is a little too high to expect that tianmoxibustion can cure some chronic diseases. Moreover, it can not cure all diseases. It is mainly applicable to the diseases of deficiency and cold, not everyone.

people who are not suitable for three or nine days: 1. Patients with severe cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver, kidney, hematopoietic system and other visceral diseases and tumors. 2. Sensitive skin. Because tianmoxibustion is an external application method, it is easy to blister after sticking. 3. Patients with blood syndrome and yin deficiency fever. 4. People with febrile diseases, such as infectious diseases, cold fever, acute sore throat and acute swelling and pain of joints. 5. Diabetic patients. Tianmoxibustion is a foaming therapy. If the prescription is applied, it is highly irritating and may bring certain skin lesions. It is suggested that diabetic patients should be carefully treated. 5. Patients with hypertension. Hypertension belongs to hyperactivity of Yang in traditional Chinese medicine, which is not suitable to be treated with tianmoxibustion. 6. It is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with malignant tumors, patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis and patients with bronchiectasis.


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