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Why "do not eat bitter in summer"? Health experts to answer

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for a long time, the 24 solar terms used by Chinese people are not only one of the guiding laws of agricultural activities, but also closely related to traditional Chinese medicine health preservation. Different solar terms come, and different adjustments should be made in the way of health preservation. Then let's understand the reason why health preservation often talks about "dealing with summer heat without suffering".

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"autumn dryness is particularly serious in summer. Dry gas can easily damage the lungs, and the incidence rate of various respiratory diseases will increase significantly. At the same time, the lung is closely related to other organs, especially the stomach and kidney, so lung dryness and lung stomach fluid deficiency often occur at the same time in autumn. The typical symptoms of lung dryness and fluid deficiency include dry mouth and nose, dry cough, even bloody sputum, constipation, fatigue, weight loss and increased wrinkles.


among the five flavors, bitter taste belongs to dryness, and bitter dryness does great harm to the vitality of body fluid. The theory of "prohibiting suffering from lung disease" is mentioned in the synopsis of the Golden Chamber · the 24th taboo treatment of birds, animals, fish and insects, and it is also mentioned in the emperor's Internal Classic · Su Wen that "if you eat more bitter, your skin will be haggard and your hair will be pulled out." therefore, you should eat less bitter and dry things such as balsam pear, mutton, apricot, wild garlic and so on.

what if there are symptoms of lung dryness and fluid deficiency? At this time, we must brew Ophiopogon japonicus, Platycodon grandiflorum and licorice in time, or eat some food that nourishes Yin and generates fluid to moisten our lungs, such as lily, tremella, radish, autumn pear, banana, lotus root, etc.

TCM dietotherapy experts guide the summer diet

1. Increase acid and reduce pungent in the diet to help liver qi. The food can be tremella, honey, sugarcane, tremella, pear, white gourd, radish, water chestnut, bird's nest, yellow croaker, scallop, kelp, jellyfish, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk.

2. The principle of health preservation is to collect the spirit and reduce Qi, moisten dryness and nourish the liver, nourish yin and benefit water, so as to maintain the unbiased health of the five internal organs. It is appropriate to select Yuzhu, Dendrobium, radix ginseng, lily, lotus seed, ginkgo and other medicinal materials.

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