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Is it not hot after ambush? What does ambush mean

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entered the dog days, and the temperature rose all the way. In the second dog days, it ushered in the hottest period of the year. High temperature, muggy and humid weather often leads to adult mental fatigue, decreased physical resistance, and prone to various summer epidemic diseases, which is unbearable. At this time, people really look forward to the arrival of ambush. What does ambush mean? Is it not hot after the ambush?

出伏之后是不是就不热了,出伏是什么意思 why do you eat chicken in dog days? What does

mean? Ambush means that it is out of dog days, the dog days are over, and autumn is coming. The bamboo coir hat Weng of the Yuan Dynasty has a poem: "the silkworm sleeps one or two times to urge the emergence, and the seedling three or four leaves still worry about the wind", which is a record of the emergence in ancient poetry. Is it not hot after the


ambush? The ambush time in 2016 should be August 25, just after the summer solar term. Generally speaking, ambush means that the heat gradually disappears in the dog days; The solar term of summer vacation represents the end of the summer, and the weather should be cooler and cooler. However, in some areas of the south, people who have just felt a trace of cool autumn often feel the hot weather again at the end of the summer, that is, the legendary autumn tiger. The reason for the formation of


is that the Western Pacific subtropical high in China gradually moves southward in autumn, but moves northward. Under the control of the high pressure, it is sunny, less cloudy, strong solar radiation and rising temperature. Due to China's vast territory, the performance of "autumn tiger" is slightly different. For example, the autumn tiger in South China comes later than that in the Yangtze River Basin, generally delaying 2-4 festivals.

in addition, the control time of autumn tiger varies from half a month to two months every year; Sometimes autumn tigers come and go, go and look back. Gu Tieqing, the author of the Qing Jialu, said: "the local custom is that after the summer vacation, the weather is still pleasant, and it starts to cool after about 18 days; as the saying goes: Eighteen pots of summer vacation means eighteen days of bathing." it means about 18 days of sweating. However, although the temperature of "autumn tiger" weather is high, generally speaking, the air is dry and sunny. It is not very hot in the morning and evening, so it will not be too hot to breathe.


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