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Can drinking hot water discharge the cold in the body in dog days? How to get rid of the moisture in dog days

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traditional Chinese medicine believes that dog days are the peak of Yang in the whole year. People should seize the opportunity to expel the cold in their bodies. In the circle of friends, there is a news that you can't eat cold food in dog days and refuse all iced drinks, otherwise the cold will invade and can't be discharged. Insisting on drinking hot water in dog days can force out the cold that has been deep into the bone marrow for many years... Is this correct? How to get rid of moisture in dog days?

伏天喝热水能把体内寒气排出吗,三伏天怎么去湿气 you may like the method of Moxibustion in dog days.

insist on drinking hot water to drive out the cold. It is so simple and easy to learn and easy to operate. Of course, it has won a large number of fans, but is this method of resisting heat with heat and attacking poison with poison really effective? In the eyes of professional TCM doctors, this is actually a rumor mixed with true and false. Let's analyze it now.


cold drinks should be eaten less, especially for special people, but it is not absolutely eradicated. Dog days are the most vigorous stage of people's Yang. At this time, in order to adapt to the weather, the human body is in the situation of "Yang is abundant outside and empty inside". If you indulge in too much cold, it is easy to cause too much internal cold, so that the Yang in the body is even worse. Therefore, it is suggested that you should drink less cold drinks, But this is not an absolute elimination for all people.


for cold food and cold drinks, children and the elderly had better eat less or not because they are weak. In addition, people with weak spleen and stomach or digestive tract diseases will aggravate their symptoms if they eat cold food. However, for strong young people, eating an appropriate amount of iced drinks in dog days is not harmful to their health.


and "insisting on drinking hot water in dog days can force out the cold in the body". It is too exaggerated that the purpose of drinking hot water in dog days is mainly for sweating, that is, the function of sweating and relieving the surface in traditional Chinese medicine, which plays the role of penetrating the interior, dredging and clearing away heat. However, this is only a health preservation method. Although it is feasible, it needs a long time to adhere to it. It can not eliminate the cold in the body in just one three volts.

generally speaking, it is best to drink water close to the body temperature in dog days. Water with too high temperature will hurt the digestive tract and stomach. And the hot water will gradually cool down in the body, which is consistent with the body temperature, so it is impossible to eliminate the cold in the body by drinking hot water.

in addition, to dispel the cold, we should pay attention to eating less cold foods such as snails, watermelon, persimmons, crabs, mussels, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, white gourd, amaranth, cucumbers, lotus roots, turtles, mung beans, etc. we can dispel the cold by proper exercise, sweating properly, soaking our feet, sweating slightly, etc., but these actions need to be persisted for many years, If you want to get rid of the cold in your body overnight, it is absolutely impossible.

how to get rid of moisture in dog days 1. Eat light, rest the spleen and stomach and reduce internal humidity. 2. Exercise more and sweat, expel moisture from the skin and promote metabolic operation in the body. 3. Eat more foods that sweat and benefit water, such as red beans, mung beans, job's tears, white gourd, watermelon (Cuiyi), ginger, green tea, flower tea, etc., discharge moisture from the skin and urine, and promote the metabolic operation of the body. You can drink ginger brown sugar water, red bean, mung bean and job's tears soup, coriander towel gourd soup, Cuiyi corn whisker soup, green tea and flower tea to achieve the purpose of dietotherapy and dampness removal. 4. Ensure good sleep. Adequate and high-quality sleep helps the body repair itself, is the basis for ensuring the good operation of the body, and is a natural dampness removing medicine. 5. Pay attention not to blow or blow less air conditioning, not to eat or eat less cold drinks, ice cream and other food, eat less fat, sweet and thick food, and try not to eat tonics.

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