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It's very important to keep in good health for three or nine days. You know the precautions

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China's traditional Chinese medicine believes that man and nature are a whole corresponding to heaven and man. The rise and fall of human body function is greatly related to the changes of natural environment. Then when people enter the coldest three or nine days of the year, how should they do a good job of health care in their daily life? Let's get to know now.

三九天起居养生很重要,注意事项话你知 you may like "what is"


"1. Mental health should be peaceful. In winter, the dormant insects in nature hide and use the hibernation state to conserve energy and prepare for the vitality of next spring. At this time, the metabolism of the human body is also in a relatively slow period. Therefore, health preservation in winter should focus on "Tibet". "Zang" means that people should keep their spirit quiet in winter.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that people should be able to control bad emotions in winter. People will encounter unpleasant things. We should learn to adjust and control our emotions, be angry when things happen, and don't be surprised. For the bad emotions in the heart, vent them in appropriate ways to maintain peace of mind. Second, more sun exposure.

it gets dark early in winter and the light time is short, which is also a reason for people's depression. When night comes, the secretion of melatonin in the pineal gland of human brain increases, which can affect people's mood, and light can inhibit the secretion of this hormone and keep people in a good mood.


2. Daily health care focuses on cold prevention. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that after winter, "lying early and getting up late for the sun" is an important aspect of health care. In other words, people should go to bed early and get up late in cold winter. Going to bed early can raise human Yang Qi. It is best to get up after the sun comes out. At this time, human Yang Qi rises rapidly, and the content of adrenocortical hormone in blood also rises gradually. At this time, you will get up with a clear mind, wit and sensitivity. But it may be difficult for office workers to get up late, so we should try to go to bed early and not stay up late.

3. The room temperature should be kept constant. If the room temperature is too low and people feel cold, it is easy to hurt the Yuanyang of the human body. If the temperature is too high, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and it is easy to feel wind cold when going out. Therefore, the room temperature should be kept between 18 ℃ and 22 ℃. But do not close the doors and windows tightly, and insist on opening the windows for ventilation to keep the indoor air flowing.

4. Pay attention to back maintenance. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the back is the main part of the solar Bladder Meridian in the human meridian. The foot Taiyang bladder meridian has the function of defending against the invasion of external pathogens. Once people suffer from cold, they will damage Yang Qi, and there will be recurrence and aggravation of upper respiratory tract infection or old diseases. Warming the back is particularly important for the elderly, children and people with gastric and duodenal ulcers and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. These people had better wear a close fitting cotton vest after the beginning of winter.

5. Pay attention to keeping feet warm and "cold starts from the foot". The foot is the farthest end of the human body, with thin fat and poor heat preservation ability. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that plantar acupoints are closely related to human internal organs. If the foot catches a cold, it can cause colds, abdominal pain, low back and leg pain, dysmenorrhea and other diseases. First, wear good shoes to keep feet warm and prevent them from being too tight, too loose and too thin. Cotton socks are the best socks. Second, move your feet more at ordinary times to promote local blood circulation. Third, soak your feet in warm water every night before going to bed. The water temperature should be 50 ℃ - 60 ℃. It can eliminate fatigue, protect against cold and antifreeze and promote sleep.


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