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Men eat more pumpkin seeds in summer and care for their health

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During the

summer vacation, the weather is getting dry. At this time, you can eat some food that nourishes Yin and moistens dryness, and you can't miss the food that protects and nourishes the stomach like pumpkin. The whole body is a treasure pumpkin, and even South melon seeds are very useful. According to the suggestions of nutrition experts, boyfriends can eat more pumpkin seeds during the summer vacation. Now let's understand the truth.

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"can prevent prostate disease. According to the latest research in the United States, if men eat about 50 grams of pumpkin seeds every day (equivalent to 20-25 melon seeds, with an average weight of 68 milligrams), they can not only effectively prevent prostate disease, but also prevent cardiovascular disease.

in addition, men eating pumpkin seeds can also prevent cardiovascular disease. This is because the hormone secretion function of the prostate depends on fatty acids, and pumpkin seeds are rich in fatty acids, which can keep the prostate function well. The active ingredients can eliminate the swelling in the early stage of prostatitis and prevent prostate cancer.


can reduce blood pressure. Pumpkin seeds are rich in pantothenic acid, which can alleviate static angina pectoris and reduce blood pressure. Men should shell and chew 90g raw pumpkin seeds every day, and take them three times in the morning, middle and evening. One week is a course of treatment, which can be taken continuously for 2-3 courses of treatment.


middle-aged and elderly men suffer from prostatic hypertrophy (hyperplasia), especially insomnia, and their physique will decline rapidly. After they have headache (caused by insomnia and frequent nocturnal urination), tinnitus, facial pain and facial beat, they can feel urgent urination, frequent urination, urination pain and urinary incontinence after eating white melon seeds, and nocturnal urination will be reduced.

in addition, pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc. From the perspective of Western medicine, eating more foods rich in zinc is not only good for the prostate, but also increase the number of sperm. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, zinc rich food has the function of Tonifying the kidney and helps to improve male fertility. In addition to melon seeds, hazelnut, peanut and other nuts are also rich in zinc, which can greatly improve sperm quality.

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