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Sanjiu paste and Sanfu paste have different formula effects

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according to the theory of "correspondence between heaven and man" in traditional Chinese medicine, climate change in nature will affect the physiological function of human body. Therefore, it puts forward two seasonal recuperation methods: treatment of winter diseases in summer and prevention of winter diseases in winter. One is to stick three volt stickers when it is hot and Yang is strong, and the other is to stick three nine stickers when everything gathers and Yang is weak. So today, let's learn about the difference between Sanjiu paste and Sanfu paste.


and 三九贴和三伏贴,配方效果各不同 you may like "frost health care skills for the elderly"


"three nine stickers and three volt stickers are collectively called" volt nine stickers ", which are used for" summer treatment of winter diseases "and" winter prevention of winter diseases "respectively. Winter disease refers to some deficiency cold diseases that often occur in winter or are easy to aggravate in winter. The main ingredients of the


three volt patch formula are white mustard, corydalis, kansui, asarum, ginger, musk, ephedra, cinnamon, fennel, astragalus, Atractylodes, aloes, cinnamon, borneol, scallop, etc. During the hottest "three volt" period of the year, acupoint application is carried out by taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of hot summer weather, abundant Yang, vigorous Qi and blood and expanded pores, so as to promote blood circulation, improve endocrine, enhance physique, eliminate cold evil, fundamentally improve body quality and enhance immunity, so as to achieve the effects of disease elimination, disease prevention and health preservation. It belongs to winter disease and summer treatment. The main ingredients of


Sanjiu paste are white mustard, corydalis, kansui, asarum, cinnamon, Atractylodes macrocephala, Atractylodes macrocephala, ginger, etc. It is the coldest in a year, with the accumulation of Yang Qi, the most vigorous Yin Qi, the slow operation of Qi and blood, poor Qi and blood, dry skin, blocked pores, and greatly reduced defense function and resistance, resulting in 39 days prone to many diseases. Acupoint application is carried out to evacuate the wind cold, warm and tonify the lungs and kidneys, dredge the meridians, balance yin and Yang, relieve cough and asthma, reconcile the viscera, prevent diseases and prolong life. At the same time, it can also consolidate and strengthen the curative effect of Sanfu plaster, so as to achieve the purpose of raising Sanfu in summer and supplementing Sanjiu in winter. It belongs to winter disease prevention.


Fujiu application therapy is an internal and external treatment therapy adapted to adapt to the climatic characteristics of heaven and earth according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine "Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter", "correspondence between heaven and man, unity of heaven and man", and the harmonious unity of man and nature, so as to strengthen tendons, improve physique, enhance disease resistance and achieve the purpose of disease prevention and health care.

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