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You don't have to wait for winter to eat turnips. It tastes better when frost falls

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When the

frost term comes, the temperature drops further and the temperature difference between morning and evening increases, which often makes it difficult for people to adapt, especially for children and the elderly with weak physique. It is easy to catch a cold at this time. So how should people maintain their body? Experts suggest that radishes can be eaten at this time. Let's learn more now.

吃萝卜不用等冬天,霜降节气吃起来 you may like "frosted beef named after solar terms"


"the folk saying goes:" it is better to make up frost than to make up for winter ", which means that autumn is more important than winter. According to the suggestions of professional nutritionists, gastrointestinal diseases are common in the frost solar term, colds are often wet, and infectious diseases such as dengue fever are also prominent in gastrointestinal symptoms at this stage. Therefore, frost should be light, tonic and regulating the stomach. Food with mild smell and mild effect should be selected, and soup and porridge are appropriate.


are seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating radish at this time is both delicious and healthy, because radish has the effects of SHUNQI, broadening the middle, generating saliva, detoxifying, eliminating accumulated stagnation, broadening the chest and diaphragm, resolving phlegm heat and dispersing blood stasis. Nutritionists further pointed out that as the saying goes, "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer to ensure health all year round". The climate is getting colder in frost season. If you eat radish during this period, you can try to eat some raw white radish pieces.

pay attention to the raw white radish here. If the white radish skin is white and impervious, the meat taste is spicy and can only be cooked; Those whose skin color is transparent and whose meat is not spicy but sweet can be eaten raw. Eating white radish raw is the first way to relieve abdominal distension; Second, the white radish enters the lung. The lung should be in autumn. The white radish can strengthen the "cooling" function of the lung, both stop cough and promote the movement of the large intestine. It is a good health product in the frost period.


in addition, the so-called "eat flowers in spring and fruits in autumn", persimmon, pomegranate, kiwi fruit, citrus and other fruits, as well as chestnut and yam are suitable for eating in frost solar terms; People who can eat sweets can eat more white pears at this time; The old, the weak and the sick will benefit from eating white fungus.

you may also like the legend of the rise of the dragon in February. What is the frost coming, how to prevent crops from being affected, and how to keep healthy? In ancient times, frost fall was divided into three periods, namely

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