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Elderly friends should beware of colds after summer solar terms

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As the saying goes,

goes: "every autumn rain brings a cold". The arrival of the solar term for summer vacation means that the summer vacation is coming to an end. The temperature drops significantly. It is hot at noon, cold in the morning and evening, and the temperature difference between day and night increases. At this time, if you don't pay attention to keeping warm, it is easy to catch a cold, not to mention that the elderly's systemic immunity is easy to decline at this time. If you are not careful, it is easy to cause respiratory tract, gastroenteritis, cold and other diseases, Now let's see what professional doctors suggest.

处暑节气后老年人朋友需谨防感冒 you may like the proverb

about summer treatment. Professional doctors point out that the dry climate during summer treatment creates favorable conditions for the reproduction and spread of some bacteria and germs. In particular, the elderly should do a good job in the prevention of respiratory diseases, try not to go to places with many people, and wear masks when necessary.


in addition, the elderly should not forget to drink more water during the summer solar term. After a summer of "suffering", many elderly people have relatively weak spleen and stomach function. Therefore, don't eat food with too strong taste and don't overeat. More suitable food for strengthening the spleen and stomach include job's tears, lotus seeds, lentils, white gourd, etc. you can eat it at this time. At the same time, often eat sea cucumber, jade bamboo, lotus seed porridge, Lily and other cool tonic food, which can not only prevent heat, but also replenish qi.


doctors also suggest that the autumn is crisp in the summer, which is suitable for outdoor sports. The elderly can do some outdoor sports such as mountaineering, jogging and outing according to their physical fitness. But we should pay more attention to nourishing the spleen and reinforcing tendons. Because the tendons are easy to overcome in autumn, and the liver is the main tendons. Therefore, when exercising, you should pay attention not to be violent, prepare for activities and avoid muscle injury.


it should also be noted that the temperature is high at noon in summer and autumn. Outdoor activities should be avoided as far as possible, especially for the elderly with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis. Outdoor hot weather will sharply increase blood pressure and increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

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