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Farm experience: Tips for farming in summer

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is a solar term representing the transition of temperature from hot to cold. The changes of seasons are naturally reflected in farming. So what are the agricultural activities in various places that need to be paid close attention to? Now let's take a look at the summer farming tips summarized by farmers around the country in their long-term production practice.

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"Shanxi: Autumn grass weeding and wheat field growth, beating and cutting cotton to remove disease; Southern wheat planting plan, Jinzhong cotton topping Ke; In the north of Shanxi Province, we should collect flax naked oats. Hebei: at the beginning of autumn, the harvest is good, the fine harvest is fine, and the particles are not lost. Plough early with big stubble and prepare for autumn planting. Late autumn crops, strengthen management. Sweet potato topdressing, yellow smoke soil. Cotton pruning, timely topping. Shandong: cool in the summer and harvest. Plough while harvesting and rake to increase soil moisture. In late autumn, management measures were strengthened. Autumn vegetables set seedlings and hoe weeds to prevent famine. All kinds of pests, comprehensive prevention. Watering and topdressing to ensure the prosperity of seedlings. Hubei: there is rain in the summer, and medium-sized rice is grain by grain. In the beginning of autumn, it is difficult to keep half of the harvest without rain. No rain at the beginning of autumn, and everything in the field fails to harvest. People are happy when it rains at the beginning of autumn, and thousands of people are worried when it rains in summer. Henan: after the beginning of autumn, it is time to go to summer for continuous planting, grass and compost, pull out the big grass and put the autumn ridge, and turn the wheat after cutting. Jilin: at the beginning of autumn, in August, pull grass, put ridges and dry paddy fields. Jiangsu: Harvest early rice at the beginning of autumn, and the summer rain is like gold. Shanghai: in the summer after the beginning of autumn, we cultivate the land and plant autumn vegetables. Late rice is watered frequently when it comes to ear, and the grain is full and fast. Zhejiang: in the beginning of autumn, farming is busy, with a variety of vegetables and cereals. In late autumn, top dressing and frequent irrigation should be carried out, and insect pests and wind damage should be prevented early. Anhui: plant cabbage in the beginning of autumn and pick cotton in the summer. Hunan: at the beginning of autumn, the summer is getting colder and the corn and rice are all harvested. Fujian: in August, the beginning of autumn is a quick way to get rid of the summer heat. While planting vegetables, we manage grain, prevent pests and insects, and manage the field. In case of rice, we should roast the field. Yunnan: in August, when autumn begins, cotton is pruned, sweet potato is turned over, autumn buckwheat is sown, and grass is pulled to catch insects to ensure high yield.

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