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What to eat in three or nine days? Nourishing and keeping out the cold is the key

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three or nine days is the coldest time of the year. At this time, Yang Qi is weak. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "there is no essence in winter, but the disease will be warm in spring", so it is very important to take tonic in time. According to the suggestions of professional nutritionists, tonic and health preservation in three or nine days is the key to nourishing and resisting the cold. Now let's learn more about it.

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it is essential to keep out the cold and nourish mutton in winter. Mutton has the effects of strengthening the body, nourishing blood, warming the body, tonifying the kidney, strengthening yang, generating muscle, strengthening strength and resisting wind cold. It can improve the symptoms of physical weakness, Yang deficiency and chilly weakness of the middle-aged and elderly. Mutton can replenish blood deficiency and treat women's Qi and blood deficiency and physical wasting. Mutton also helps moisturize and nourish the skin, black beard and black hair.


mutton can be eaten by ordinary people, but it should be noted that mutton is a hot product. It should not be eaten by people with high fire or people with symptoms of fire. It should not be eaten by patients with influenza, acute enteritis and hypertension. Let's take a look at the two 39 day nourishing and cold proof medicinal meals with mutton as the main food.

mutton medlar pot raw materials: 10g medlar, 250g mutton, 10g green onion and ginger, 2G salt, pepper seasoning method: wash and cut the mutton, put it into a casserole, put the green onion, ginger and medlar, add cold water and trace salt, heat it to boil, change it to a low fire pot for 20-30 minutes, and add the remaining salt and pepper to taste. Efficacy: it can replenish kidney qi and strengthen Yuanyang. Applicable to: impotence caused by kidney deficiency and strain, Yang Qi decay, waist and spine pain, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, frequent urination and enuresis.

mutton balls and sea cucumber soup raw materials: 25 grams of freeze-dried sea cucumber, 150 grams of mutton (filling), 10 grams of green onion and ginger and 2 grams of salt. Practice: add chopped green onion and ginger into the mutton filling pill making, put it into the pot with the of the pill making in warm water, the water temperature will gradually rise, put the cut sea cucumber slices when boiling, and put salt after boiling. Efficacy: sea cucumber and mutton can be used as raw materials to nourish the liver and kidney, replenish qi and blood, warm the spleen and stomach, and highlight the function. Applicable to: spermatorrhea of liver and kidney yin, impotence, premature ejaculation, liver blood deficiency, spleen and stomach Yang deficiency and weak.

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