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Try it! Three tips for relieving summer heat to help you catch up with autumn fatigue

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as the saying goes, "spring sleeps and autumn sleeps". With the arrival of the solar term of summer, the Yang Qi in nature tends to converge from relief, and the rise and fall of yin and Yang in the human body also change. At this time, it is easy for people to feel mentally sleepy and depressed, that is, they encounter "autumn fatigue". Now let's take a look at the three tricks of summer to catch up with autumn fatigue.

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". First, ensure adequate sleep. If the weather becomes cool after the summer vacation, we should change the habit of sleeping late in summer, try to sleep an hour more every day, go to sleep before 10 PM is the best, and go to bed early and get up early, so as to enter the "war preparation" state of preventing autumn fatigue in advance.


in addition, we should take an appropriate nap, which is conducive to resolving people's sleepiness, especially the elderly, because the elderly have a loss of Qi, Yang and Yin, resulting in less sleep in the day and sleepless at night. Therefore, ancient health experts believed that the elderly should "pillow in case of sleepiness".


are the second way to relieve autumn fatigue, which can also be adjusted through diet. Keep a light diet, do not eat or eat less spicy barbecue food. Eat more foods containing vitamins, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, pears, etc; Eat more alkaline foods, such as apples, kelp and fresh vegetables. Increase the intake of high-quality protein, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products and bean products.

another way to get rid of autumn fatigue is to strengthen exercise. Exercise in the summer is better in the morning and evening. Stretching can also relieve autumn fatigue, especially in the afternoon. If you feel very tired, you will immediately feel stretched. In addition, according to the suggestions of health experts, you can also raise some green plants indoors, such as potted citrus, Chlorophytum, zebra leaf rubber tree, asparagus and so on, which can regulate indoor air, increase oxygen content and make people less sleepy.


at the same time, health experts also pointed out that in the summer, we should pay attention to spiritual recuperation, pay attention to convergence of spirit, calm mind and quiet mood, avoid ups and downs of mood, and usually listen to music, practice calligraphy, fishing and other extracurricular activities to calm the mind.


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