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The solar term of great heat can bear hardships, and it will be sweet in a summer!

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summer heat is the last season of summer. It is at a time of moderate depression, which is the hottest time of the year. At this time, the weather is extremely hot, steaming depression, high temperature, muggy and humid. In terms of traditional health preservation, health preservation focuses on the word "Qing". Eating more bitterness is good for your health. Then let's take a closer look.

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"for people with damp heat and phlegm, the health preservation in the summer focuses on" clearing ". The heat is hot and the body metabolism is vigorous. It is most suitable for expelling heat and poison. People with Yin deficiency, damp heat and phlegm often have fever, upset, thirst and acne. At this time, we should eat more bitter taste, such as balsam pear, bitter vegetables, lettuce, oil wheat vegetables, etc.

at the same time, because the alkaloids contained in bitter food have pharmacological effects such as relieving summer heat and clearing heat, promoting blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels, eating them properly in the solar terms of great summer can not only refresh the mind, but also enhance appetite and strengthen the spleen and stomach. Now let's take a look at a bitter dish for health preservation in the summer heat - purple potato bitter melon circle.

sunstroke element flavor: purple potato bitter gourd circle raw materials: bitter gourd, purple potato and honey.


methods: 1. Peel the purple potato, cut it into small pieces, and wash the balsam pear. 2. Put the purple potato pieces in the fresh-keeping bag, sprinkle a little water, and turn the high-fire microwave oven for 3 minutes; The purple potato pieces cooked in the microwave oven are crushed with a spoon; Then pour in honey and stir well to form mud. 3. Wash balsam pear, remove both ends, cut two sections in the middle and remove the pulp. 4. Boil the water and blanch the balsam pear. Blanch the balsam pear and cool it with cold water. 5. Fill balsam pear with purple potato mud and press it tightly. 6. Slice and plate.

balsam pear is also called lianggua. It's natural to eat balsam pear in the summer. According to the Diet Manual of suixiju, balsam pear: "cleanses the heat, brightens the eyes and clears the heart. The sauce can be pickled. When it is fresh, roast the meat. First remove the bitterness. Although the meat juice can solidify in midsummer, do not eat it if it is cold. When it is ripe, it will turn red, taste sweet and flat, nourish the blood, nourish the liver, moisten the spleen and tonify the kidney."


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