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As the saying goes, "spring covers autumn" is not suitable for frost?

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The health preservation principles of

and "spring covers autumn freeze" must have been taught by the older generation as life wisdom. Among them, autumn freeze refers to that the temperature is slightly cool in autumn and don't add too much clothes too early. Suitable cool stimulation helps to exercise cold resistance. However, according to professional doctors, this rule is not suitable in frost solar terms. Now let's understand why.

俗话说的“春捂秋冻”竟然不适合霜降? you may like "eating radishes in frost reducing solar terms"


"it is understood that" autumn freezing "is to improve people's tolerance to the gradually cooling environment, make the human body slowly adapt to the gradually falling temperature, and prepare for the coming cold winter and December, which is like imperceptible exercise. However, with the decrease of temperature, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hypertension can't do so. Instead, they should pay attention to cold prevention, keep warm and drink more water.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the heart governs the blood vessels, and most heart diseases are related to the poor circulation of fluid and blood in the body. Because the body fluid and blood "get warm and then go, get cold and then coagulate", the operation state of body fluid and blood is greatly affected by the external temperature. Cold nature leads to cold guest's blood, then Qi and blood stagnation, blood contracture and loss of maintenance of heart pulse, resulting in blood pressure fluctuation and ischemic cardiovascular events.

therefore, patients with cardiovascular diseases, especially elderly patients, should not be "frozen in autumn" because they are weak and can not tolerate the activities of increasing exercise to prevent cold and enhance body resistance. In addition, patients with chronic lung disease must not be "frozen in autumn". This kind of patients are weak, and cold evil is easy to take advantage of the deficiency, resulting in spasms of trachea and bronchus, so as to induce the attack or aggravation of tracheitis, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Doctors


suggest that generally, when the sunshine temperature (during the day) in early autumn is 15 ℃ - 20 ℃, people can appropriately reduce their clothes and "freeze in autumn" to enhance their physique. When the sunshine temperature (daytime) in late autumn and early winter is lower than 15 ℃, people should stop "autumn freezing", increase or decrease clothes in time according to the temperature change, and pay special attention to the warmth of head, hands, feet and other parts. The elderly friends and patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases mentioned above should be more cautious about "autumn freeze".


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