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How to prevent gastrointestinal cold in children

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heatstroke comes, it will remain hot for a period of time during the day, but it will be cool in the morning and evening, hot at noon, and the temperature difference changes greatly. Sometimes it is difficult for adults to adapt to such weather at once. For babies, we should pay attention to conditioning. Then let's understand how to prevent children's gastrointestinal cold.

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"I. treatment countermeasures for babies suffering from gastrointestinal cold, in addition to taking drugs for treating cold, they should also take some Chinese drugs for relieving food stagnation, such as Huoxiang Zhengqi pill, jiaweibaohe pill, Zhupo Houzao powder, etc. If your baby has abdominal distension, abdominal pain and vomiting, you can take Simo decoction oral liquid to stop vomiting and digestion first, and then take other drugs after about half an hour, so the effect will be better.


because the cold causes gastrointestinal digestive enzyme secretion disorder, digestive function decline and gastrointestinal spasm, the baby will have abdominal pain and vomiting. You can take live bacteria preparation for the baby, which is beneficial to the establishment of normal flora in the baby's gastrointestinal tract.

II. Nursing countermeasures (1) keep the air fresh. Home care for gastrointestinal cold is very important. Mommy should pay attention to keep the fresh air in the room and increase or decrease clothes for the baby in time in case of climate change.

(2) change clothes frequently. If the baby sweats a lot after taking antipyretic drugs, change the wet clothes in time after each sweating to avoid catching cold again and aggravating the condition.

(3) taboos 1. During fever, give your baby more boiled water, eat easily digestible food and light taste. Avoid spicy, cold, greasy and fried food. 2. During the illness, the baby's appetite decreases, which is a normal reaction. Mommy should not worry, let alone force her to eat. She should give the child's gastrointestinal tract a rest time, which will help the body recover as soon as possible. 3. If the baby has yellow tongue coating and sour smell in his mouth, it indicates that there is food fire in his body. Mommy must control greasy food, and can take Huashi pill and hawthorn pill for baby to clear away heat and guide stagnation. 4. Once the baby vomits, Mommy should not panic, let the baby take the side lying position, and the larger baby can take the prone position, which is conducive to the flow of vomit, keep the airway unobstructed, and avoid the inhalation of vomit into the trachea, causing asphyxia and endangering life.

(4) antipyretic and fever prevention. Babies with fever above 38.5 degrees or previous history of febrile convulsion must take antipyretic drugs in time or take physical cooling measures to prevent febrile convulsion.

(5) avoid infecting family members or kindergartens. It is best not to have close contact with children. If isolation is not possible, wear a mask to avoid infection to children. Before the disease completely recovers, don't rush to send it to kindergarten to protect other children.

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