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No side! Here is the great heat regimen secret collection!

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summer solar term is around the middling, which is the hottest time of the year. Most parts of China are hot and humid at this time, which makes people feel muggy and uncomfortable. In terms of traditional health preservation, great heat preservation should pay attention to heatstroke prevention, dampness removal and mind cultivation. Now let's learn more about the health preservation secrets of great heat solar terms.


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"basic principles of health preservation in great heat: high temperature and high humidity in great heat. At this time, health preservation should start from the aspects of mind and emotion, diet and sleep, sports wear, disease prevention and treatment. In daily life, pay attention to clothes with comfortable, breathable and sweat absorbing properties. In summer, the sweat holes of human skin are open, and the clothes are loose and easy to dissipate heat. In addition, the clothes should be washed and changed frequently to prevent wearing wet clothes and clothes just exposed to the sun for a long time, so as to avoid the gas of heat and dampness invading the body. In terms of


, it is hot in the summer, and the digestive function of intestines and stomach is relatively weak. Therefore, in terms of diet, it is better to eat light, digestible and water rich vegetables, milk and fruits, and soup is essential every day; In terms of sports, it is appropriate to arrange the sports time in the morning or evening during the summer. The sports place is suggested to be in the shade of parks, lakes and other trees.


about the sleep of the solar term of great heat, it is appropriate to fall asleep later in summer. At this time, the summer heat period of the day has passed, and the night is cool and easy to fall asleep. The time to get up can be appropriately earlier, because the dawn is earlier, which is in line with the corresponding way of life.

heatstroke regimen focuses on heatstroke prevention, dampness elimination and heart nourishing. According to professional doctors, heatstroke is muggy and rainy, and the gas of heat dampness is most likely to attack people with insufficient Yang. If dampness evil invades the human body, it is easy to cause chest tightness, lack of appetite, mental depression, weakness of limbs and loose stool; If the heat attacks people, it is easy to cause chest pannus, palpitations, a lot of sweating, thirst, nausea and body heat.

therefore, it is very important to strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness in summer. In summer, you must not be exposed to the sun, rain or stay in places where the temperature is too high and the air is not circulating. Do not sit or lie in the wetland after the rain. Be careful to prevent the evil invasion of heat and dampness and replenish more water. The middle-aged and elderly should drink warm boiled water or hot tea to supplement water.

after getting up every morning, drink some water to supplement the water consumed at night. The daily drinking water volume must be kept at about 1000-1500 ml. it is mainly a small amount of drinking more. You can't wait until you are thirsty. Or you can use 10 grams of fresh Patchouli leaves and Perrin leaves, 30 grams of talc and fried malt, 3 grams of licorice and 3 grams of tangerine peel to fry instead of tea.


at the same time, with the arrival of the solar term of great heat, doctors specially remind the middle-aged and elderly people that due to their poor adaptability to high temperature and humid weather, they must calm down, maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, avoid emotional stimulation, and protect the normal physiological functions of heart and brain, so as to avoid the occurrence of major diseases.

in addition, don't be too tired in summer (including excessive exercise and room fatigue), which is conducive to the smooth operation of the human body's Qi engine. As the old saying goes, "calm and cool naturally", as long as you maintain a calm and tranquil state of mind and a happy mood, you can spend the hot summer safely.

and professional nutritionists also recommend several soup and dishes that can be tried for health preservation in the summer solar term: Stewed grass carp with balsam pear, stewed chicken with white gourd, watered duck soup with white gourd and orange peel, fish head soup with coriander tofu, towel gourd fish fillet soup, lean pork soup with orange peel, chicken feet soup with dried mushrooms and oysters, pig bone soup with lotus root and mung beans.

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