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To celebrate the winter solstice? Ancient people celebrated the winter solstice in a traditional way

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winter solstice has always been one of the twenty-four solar terms that people pay more attention to and will pay more attention to. Therefore, every winter solstice, there will be some traditional folk customs and many unexpected delicacies. So now we are like this. How did they celebrate winter in ancient times?

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winter solstice, one of the 24 solar terms at the age of, is a traditional mid winter festival in China. When the cathode reaches, the Yang Qi begins to grow. The sun reaches south, the sun is short, and the shadow of the sun is long. Therefore, it is called the "winter solstice". The ancients believed that after the winter solstice, the days are longer and longer, and the Yang rises, which is an auspicious day. Therefore, people pay more attention to the winter solstice, which is called "Hedong".


are recorded in the Tokyo dream records: "the winter solstice is the most important festival for scholars and common people, such as feeding Festival instruments, raising glasses to celebrate, offering sacrifices to Zong Yu, and adding them to the regular Festival." song Zhoumi's old Wulin events winter solstice also says: "The imperial court celebrates the festival in a grand meeting, which is like the yuan Zhengyi, and everyone pays the most attention to the sun to celebrate the winter. Cars and horses are beautiful and fresh. Five drums have been filled in the ninth street. Women and children are dressed in colorful clothes and travel like clouds. There are many temples of the City God in the yueci temple, especially those with incense. Within three days, all shops and restaurants are closed, hanging curtains and drinking Bo, which is called the" Festival "."


" First write from the big environment to give readers a panoramic view, and then describe from the details, grasp a unique lens, combine size, and unify the panorama and details to write the lively scene of the people's winter solstice festival, which makes people feel a strong festive atmosphere. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emperor also went to the "round hill" in the temple of heaven to hold a grand festival of worship on the winter solstice.

with the development of the times, many folk customs of celebrating the winter solstice no longer exist. From the day of the winter solstice, it has been counted as "Nine". There are folk customs of "counting nine" and "eliminating the cold in September". A picture popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is commonly known as "the picture of eliminating the cold in September" "Draw 81 petals of plum blossoms, or 81 circles. From the next day of the winter solstice, dye one petal or paint a circle to mark the weather, rain and snow. Every nine days is 19, and the ninth nine days is 81. Winter and spring come. It is an interesting winter calendar. Mei can draw by herself, and there are also circles and engraved sellers. In the past, people pasted various" 99 anti cold pictures "on the wall before the winter solstice There are 81 white plum blossoms painted on it. From the winter solstice, the children use a red pen to paint one every day, and then paint it all over. The cold days in 1999 are over, and it is the warm spring season; or use a pen to describe the nine hollow characters "weeping willows in front of the pavilion, cherish the spring breeze", and write 81 strokes in 81 days, which is called "99 cold elimination sentence". People use "count nine to eliminate the cold"


in the miscellaneous notes of the age of the year said: "on the solstice, cook porridge with red beans and eat it together, so as to avoid epidemic Qi." compilation of the four seasons " It records the folk legend of the winter solstice eclipse of red beans. Gonggong's son was not talented and died on the winter solstice. He was a ghost of the disease and feared red beans. He cooked porridge with red beans on the day of the winter solstice. People ate red beans on the day of the winter solstice, which was not only used to drive away ghosts, prevent disasters and diseases, but also revealed the way of the ancients to eat porridge on the winter solstice. In the water town of Jiangnan, it is said that the whole family gathered together on the night of the winter solstice The custom of eating red bean glutinous rice together.


in the old stories of Wulin · winter solstice: "wonton is the first to enjoy. There is a proverb that says' winter wonton will be plucked every year '. Your family asks for wonders, and every one has more than ten colors, which is called Baiwei wonton." on this day, people in full dress attend the court meeting to celebrate the winter solstice festival, offer sacrifices to their ancestors, and enjoy the winter festival food "wonton" with exquisite utensils.

on the winter solstice, the hot and delicious wonton became a very good snack in the people's homes in old Beijing. According to the record of Yanjing's birthday, "husband wonton is shaped like a chicken egg, which is quite like the chaos of heaven and earth, so it is the of the winter Solstice solar eclipse."


and "Tangyuan" are also necessary food for the winter solstice. It is a round dessert made of glutinous rice powder, "round" It means "Reunion" and "consummation". Eating glutinous rice balls at the winter solstice is also called "winter solstice group". There is a folk saying that "eating glutinous rice balls is one year older". The winter solstice group can be used to worship ancestors or give gifts to relatives and friends. The ancients have a poem: "it is known that it is the winter solstice day of the Ming Dynasty when every family makes glutinous rice balls." "Yuan" means "Reunion" and "consummation". Eating glutinous rice balls at the winter solstice symbolizes family harmony and auspiciousness. "Kdspe

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