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What should we do for frost prevention and health preservation?

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frost fall is the last solar term in autumn, which is the transition period between autumn and winter. At this time, the temperature difference between day and night is large. For children with weak physique, middle-aged and elderly friends and patients with chronic diseases, it is likely to suffer from cold and cause diseases. So what should be done? Now let's understand what details should be paid attention to in frost prevention and health preservation.

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"pay attention to keep warm and prevent the recurrence of old diseases. According to the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month," in mid September, the air is cold and condensed, and the dew turns into frost. "In short, it means that the temperature drops suddenly on the autumn night, and the water vapor on the ground or plants condenses into fine ice needles. This white crystal is called" frost " , which means it's really getting cold. However, the "strong frost fierce sun", the better the sun during the day, the higher the temperature, and the more frost at night. Therefore, the temperature difference between morning and evening is more obvious before and after frost.


will cause corresponding blood pressure after the cold stimulation of human blood vessels, which will make blood pressure rise suddenly. During this solar term, the incidence rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage also begin to increase. Therefore, for some people with basic diseases, we should pay attention to keeping warm at this time.


professional TCM doctors believe that although there is a saying that "spring covers autumn freeze", the "autumn freeze" should also vary from person to person. Do not overdo it, especially for people with basic diseases. When the temperature is low at night, we should add clothes in time, cover the quilt at night, pay attention to the warmth of the waist and legs, and put away summer supplies such as summer mats in time. Because of the cool autumn in the frost season, it is easy to cause wind, cold and dampness evil to invade the waist, resulting in blocked waist meridians and poor blood and blood, resulting in low back pain. The knee joint is also one of the parts vulnerable to the evil of cold and dampness. The problem of "old cold legs" of the elderly comes from this.


frost fall season, should be light to fill the stomach, in the diet regimen, frost season can begin to appropriate supplements. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to improve tonic in spring, clear tonic in summer, light tonic in long summer, flat tonic in autumn and literary tonic in winter, that is, "four seasons and five tonics". Frost falls to the end of autumn, which is also a long summer. The five elements belong to soil. The soil is wet and diffuse, which is most likely to damage the spleen and stomach. Therefore, gastrointestinal diseases are common in this solar term, colds are often wet, and infectious diseases such as dengue fever at this stage are also prominent in gastrointestinal symptoms.

therefore, the frost should be light, tonic and regulating the stomach. Food with mild smell and mild effect should be selected, and soup and porridge are appropriate, which is conducive to absorption. In addition, "flowers in spring and fruits in autumn", persimmon, pomegranate, kiwi, citrus and other fruits, as well as chestnut and yam are suitable for eating in this solar term. Radish is a seasonal vegetable. It has the effects of soothing Qi, broadening the middle, generating saliva, detoxifying, eliminating accumulation stagnation, widening chest diaphragm and resolving phlegm heat. It is a good health product in frost season.


exercise time should not be too early. In autumn, the weather is cool, and exercise health preservation also helps to smooth Qi and blood. Before exercise, you must pay attention to prepare activities to avoid damaging joints. The temperature is low in the morning, and people with physical deficiency are prone to wind cold. Therefore, the exercise time should not be too early, and the exercise intensity should not be too large. It is appropriate to sweat slightly. You can choose mountaineering, jogging, fast walking, playing ball, etc.


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