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Four kinds of high-efficiency medicinal diet in frost season

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frost reduction solar term is in late autumn. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five elements in this season belong to gold, corresponding to the lung. At this time, the autumn dryness is very serious. In order to prevent dryness from hurting the body, we need to pay attention to "flat tonic" and eat less cold. Then let Xiaobian recommend four health preserving medicinal diets for you to strengthen the kidney and supplement the lung for frost reduction.

节气药膳之霜降时节的四种高效药膳 you may like "what to eat in three or nine days"


"braised pig's feet with peanuts and dates: 1. Wash and soak peanuts and dates in a bowl with clean water; 2. Wash the pig's hoof, cook it for four times, remove it, and mix well with soy sauce; 3. Put oil in the pot, heat it to 70% heat, fry the pig's hoof until golden yellow, take it out, put it in the frying pan, inject clean water, put the prepared peanuts, jujube and seasoning, boil it and stew it over low heat. Efficacy: Nourishing Kidney Yin, supplementing blood and Qi.


steamed ginseng chicken method: 1. Scald the hen in a boiling water pot and wash it with cold water; Slice ham, Magnolia slices, mushrooms, scallions and ginger; 2. Soak the ginseng in boiling water, steam it in a cage for 30 minutes and take it out; 3. Wash the hen, put it in a basin, put ginseng, ham, Magnolia slices, mushrooms, green onions, ginger, refined salt, cooking wine and monosodium glutamate into the chicken soup (drowning the chicken), put it in a cage, and steam it on the fire until it is cooked; 4. Put the steamed chicken in a large bowl, chop the ginseng, put it on the chicken with ham, Magnolia slices and mushrooms, pour the steamed chicken soup into a spoon, boil it, skim the foam, adjust the taste, and pour it on the chicken. Efficacy: Nourishing Kidney Yin, supplementing blood and Qi.


ginkgo radish porridge method: wash and shred the radish, blanch it in hot water for standby. First wash the ginkgo and cook it with the glutinous rice. When the rice blooms, pour in white sugar and simmer for another 10 minutes. Mix in shredded radish and serve out of the pot. Efficacy: strengthening kidney and lungs, relieving cough and asthma.


refer to yam pig waist. Methods: 1. Cut the pig waist, remove the fascia and Sao gland, wash it and put it into an aluminum pot; 2. Put Angelica sinensis, Codonopsis pilosula and yam into gauze bag, tie the mouth tightly and put them into aluminum pot; 3. Add an appropriate amount of water in the aluminum pot, stew until the pork loin is ripe, remove the pork loin, cool it, cut it into thin slices and put it on the plate; 4. Mix soy sauce, vinegar, shredded ginger, minced garlic and sesame oil with pork loin slices. Efficacy: Nourishing Kidney Yin, supplementing blood and Qi.

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