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Don't be greedy for cool in summer. The most suitable clothing fabric is recommended

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is a hot and muggy weather. The scorching sun scorched the earth like a fireball. People who had to go out of the street immediately felt the heat like a stove and changed into cool summer clothes one after another. They wanted to wear less and thinner. However, in the opinion of health experts, such a cool wearing method is debatable. Now let's see what fabric is most suitable for wearing in the summer season recommended by experts.

大暑天别贪凉,最合适的衣服面料推荐 you may like it. How many days after the heat?


are very hot in the summer. People try to wear less for cooling, but experts say that wearing less on hot days is not more cool. The key is to wear the right clothes. Experts pointed out that many beautiful clothes in summer are made of chemical fiber fabrics, which are light in weight, low in price and many varieties of designs and colors. They are very popular with young people, especially beauty loving women. But in fact, the human body sweats a lot in summer. Although the chemical fiber fabric is light and thin, it has poor water absorption and air permeability. It is difficult for the skin to dissipate heat through sweat evaporation. Therefore, the clothes wearing this kind of fabric in summer are not cool.


at the same time, it is hot in the summer, people love to sweat, and excessive retention of sweat will also corrupt and ferment the skin secretion. In addition, the monomer ammonia, methanol and other chemical components mixed in the production process of synthetic fiber will cause great skin irritation, so it is easy to induce hypersensitivity and a variety of dermatitis.

cotton and linen clothes are the first choice in summer. What fabric should be worn in summer? Experts suggest that natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and silk are the best choice for dressing in summer.


experts especially recommend linen clothes because of their loose molecular structure, light texture, large pores, good air permeability and water absorption. The thinner and thinner the cloth is woven, the lighter the clothes are, and the cooler they wear. Silk clothes have good skin affinity, light weight and thin thickness. They are comfortable and beautiful in summer and feel cool all over. Cotton clothes absorb sweat, have good air permeability, and the fabric is soft and not stiff.


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