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Expert tips: how to prevent infantile diarrhea in summer?

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summer vacation just comes, the weather generally does not suddenly turn cool, but often maintains a hot and high temperature during the day, and it is only a little cool in the morning and evening. Therefore, in this season, we can't relax in relieving summer heat and dampness and paying attention to dealing with temperature changes, otherwise fine bacteria may take advantage of it. So let's listen to the advice of experts. How to prevent children's diarrhea in summer?

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"the weather is still high temperature and humidity in the early summer, which is a good time for bacterial growth and reproduction, and also provides suitable conditions for the growth and reproduction of intestinal pathogens. As far as the human body is concerned, it is hot, sweating more and resistance decreases. At this time, children, especially infants under 2 years old, are most prone to diarrhea. So how should we care? Here are ten tips.

1. Continue breastfeeding. Breast milk is most suitable for the nutritional needs and digestive capacity of infants. 2. Pay attention to food hygiene. The food should be fresh and clean. Wash hands before and after meals. 3. Dairy products artificially fed to children shall be properly diluted to facilitate digestion and absorption. 4. Avoid abusing antibiotics. If children's diarrhea is not bacterial enteritis, antibiotics are not required. 5. No need to fast and replenish more water. 6. Properly replenish fluid to prevent disorder of water and electrolyte. 7. It can be combined with abdominal massage at home. Umbilical application of traditional Chinese medicine has a good effect on stopping diarrhea. 8. Keep your skin clean and dry, change diapers frequently, and wash your hips with warm water after defecation. 9. Strengthen outdoor activities, pay attention to climate change and avoid getting cold in the abdomen. 10. Closely observe the condition, find the changes of diarrhea as soon as possible and seek medical treatment in time.

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