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Frost curing is not troublesome, simple flat repair is the most reliable

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ushers in the frost term in late October every year, which is the most suitable time for tonic in a year. Health experts said that in this increasingly cold weather, which will soon usher in winter, the diet should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and the flat tonic method is the most appropriate. Then let's understand it in detail.

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"is a common method of dietary tonic in traditional Chinese medicine, which generally refers to the use of Gan Ping and gentle tonic prescriptions to treat patients with chronic physical deficiency and slow development. There are two common forms of flat tonic. One is to use foods that are neither hot nor cold and have a peaceful nature, such as most grains, fruits and vegetables, and some birds, eggs, meat and milk, including japonica rice, corn, lentils, cabbage, quail, pork, milk, etc.

and the other is the application of foods that can both replenish qi and yin or both replenish Yang and Yin, such as yam and honey, which can not only replenish the Qi of spleen and lung, but also replenish the Yin of spleen and lung. For example, wolfberry fruit can replenish both kidney yin and kidney yang. These foods are suitable for the health care of ordinary people.

according to health experts, after frost, Yang is weaker and Yin is stronger, which is the transitional season in winter. Therefore, in health preservation, we should pay more attention to solidifying Yang and preserving physical strength for winter. In terms of diet, we can appropriately increase the intake of meat, but we should also pay attention to the combination of vegetables of this season, such as radish, cabbage, etc.

in addition, the ingredients suitable for autumn include winter melon, chestnut, lotus root, medlar, mulberry, old corn, autumn pear, lily, honey, Huaishan, milk cabbage, beef, chicken, grape, pomegranate, loach, etc. Let's take a look at some dishes recommended by experts that are suitable for eating in frost. You might as well try them.


ginkgo egg raw materials: 1 egg and 2 ginkgo. Method: 1. Open a small hole at one end of the egg. 2. Put 2 ginkgo into protein, seal with paper, and steam cooked food in water.


raw fried tender chicken raw materials: 1 tender chicken (3000g), 100g bamboo shoot meat, 2G scallion, 15g yellow rice wine, 20g soy sauce, 5g white sugar, 1g monosodium glutamate, 2G salt, 1 egg white, 5g dry starch, a little sesame oil, 300g raw oil and 15g wet starch. Methods: 1. Wash the tender chicken, cut off the head, claw and ass, and then cut it into small pieces 2 cm long. Add 5g yellow rice wine and a little salt, and then add egg white and starch for sizing. 2. Cut the bamboo shoot meat hob into diamond pieces. 3. Heat the frying pan on the fire and drain the oil. When it is 60% hot, push in the chicken nuggets and scatter them with an iron spoon until the skin is heated and solidified, then put in the bamboo shoots and fry them at the same time. When you see that the inside of the chicken Nuggets has been broken, put the end pot into the leaky spoon and drain the oil. 4. Leave a small amount of residual oil in the pot, add scallion to burst out the fragrance, add about 75g rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate and water, thicken and stir with wet starch after boiling, then pour chicken and bamboo shoots, stir fry, pour sesame oil, take out of the pot and put them on a plate.

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