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Common diseases in summer are annoying, and there is a wonderful recipe for relieving chronic pharyngitis

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chronic pharyngitis is a chronic inflammation of pharyngeal mucosa, submucosa and lymphoid tissue. Chronic pharyngitis is common in clinic, with a long course of disease and easy recurrent symptoms. In particular, entering the solar term of summer treatment in autumn is the high incidence period of chronic pharyngitis, which further aggravates autumn dryness and makes patients miserable. Professional doctors pointed out that excessive smoking and alcohol and spicy food are daily habits that patients with chronic pharyngitis should avoid. So let's adjust our diet to see some prescriptions that can alleviate chronic pharyngitis.

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"recipe for fresh pear: wash the fresh pear, chop it up, mash it, add vinegar and evenly squeeze the juice, and drink it slowly.

licorice olive recipe raw materials: 6 licorice olives, 3 pangdahai, and an appropriate amount of green tea and honey. Preparation method: put licorice, olive, pangdahai and green tea into the same container, add honey, brew with boiling water, and drink slowly instead of tea. Usage: twice a day. Indications: chronic pharyngitis


raw radish and ginger recipe raw materials: 200g radish and 50g ginger preparation method: after washing radish and ginger, chop and mash juice together, take 1 ~ 2 tablespoons each time, and take it with warm boiled water. Usage: three times a day. Indications: hoarseness caused by laryngitis.

lotus root radish recipe raw materials: 350g fresh lotus root with knots, 200g large radish, 300g white pear and 50g rock sugar. Preparation method: wash lotus root, radish and white pear with knots, slice and twist the juice, take the juice, add sugar, dissolve and set aside. Usage: 50ml once, three times a day, drink. Indications: chronic pharyngitis.

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