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How to nourish spleen and kidney after heat treatment? Pigeon eggs are great

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With the arrival of the

summer solar term, the weather turns from hot to cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is the most suitable time for people to maintain the spleen and kidney through food tonic. One of the foods that can play a wonderful role is the pigeon egg called "animal ginseng". So let's understand how eating pigeon eggs after summer can nourish the spleen and kidney.

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"it has long been pointed out in the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine that if you do not follow the law of health preservation in autumn, you will" go against it and hurt your lungs. There are few people who serve Tibet in winter. "It will lead to the impairment of the function of storing essence of the kidney and the symptoms of kidney deficiency. In the summer season, Yang Qi is hidden, which is the most suitable time for tonifying the kidney and filling essence.

and pigeon eggs are called "animal ginseng", which can tonify kidney qi and strengthen sexual function. According to the Diet Manual of suixiju, pigeon eggs are "sweet, flat, tonifying the kidney and benefiting the body", which is a tonic but not dry Yang food. Now let's see how to make kidney nourishing delicacies with pigeon eggs.

1. Take 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, Eucommia ulmoides and dodder respectively, add 1000 ml of water, boil for 20 minutes, and take the medicine juice. Boil the medicine juice together with 6 pigeon eggs (with shell), soak the pigeon eggs in the medicine solution after they are cooked, and eat 2 eggs the next day. This prescription regulates the liver and kidney, helps Yang and generates essence, and mainly treats impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility, sour waist and soft legs caused by insufficient kidney essence.

2. Take 10g of medlar and longan meat respectively, add 500ml of water to boil, add 2 pigeon eggs (shelled), add a little fine salt to taste after the pigeon eggs are cooked, and eat them once a day. This prescription can tonify the kidney, help Yang, calm the mind and nourish the heart. It is mainly used for premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, insomnia and dreams caused by heart kidney disharmony.

in addition to reasonable diet, we should also ensure adequate sleep and sleep quality, so as to eliminate fatigue and enhance immunity. After the hot summer with long days and short nights, many old people have the phenomenon of lack of sleep. After the summer, the weather gradually becomes cooler. We should change the habit of sleeping late in summer, go to bed early and get up early to prevent autumn fatigue.

at the same time, if you don't sleep well at ordinary times, you can seize the time to cure the disease in this season, and carry out medicine and psychotherapy together, especially the elderly. During this period, you should pay more attention to your body, eat more food beneficial to your body, strengthen daily exercise, supplement enough sleep, and prevent the occurrence of elderly diseases, Prepare for the coming winter.

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