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Treating summer heat, keeping healthy and practising skillfully -- sitting can cure rheumatic joint pain

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rheumatoid joint pain refers to the disease with muscle and joint pain caused by human body feeling the evil of wind, cold and dampness. Its clinical feature is that it can be cured in cold or days, and the condition will worsen when the Qi changes. After the summer vacation, the weather gradually turns cool and the temperature change intensifies, which is a difficulty for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Let's understand the health preservation skills that can cure rheumatoid arthritis summarized by the ancients.

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"sit in the summer in July. The original text of Zunsheng eight notes reads as follows:" exercise the four Qi of the main Taiyin. When the sun is full, you should have the courage to fire.

sit in the dark every day. Sit upright, turn your head to the left and right, and beat your back with both hands, five or seven degrees each, knock your teeth, spit out and swallow liquid.

treatment: rheumatism stagnation, shoulder and back pain, chest pain, spinal and brawn pain, pain outside the channels and collaterals of the flank, ribs, thighs and knees to the tibia, the front and all joints of the lateral malleolus, cough with less breath, asthma and thirst, and stagnation of chest, back, spine and brawn. ""


" "Dry Qi in autumn" is more common in the human body. The lung meridian of hand Taiyin originates from the middle Jiao, lower collaterals, large intestine, appetite and diaphragm. It belongs to the lung. Go to the throat, go horizontally to the upper part of the chest, go out of the armpit, go down along the inner front edge of an upper limb, go over the elbow, go to the wrist, go up to the thenar, and straight out of the thumb. The main pathological changes of


are as follows: the edge goes down, goes over the elbow, reaches the wrist, an inch of the mouth, goes up to the thenar, and goes straight out of the thumb. The main pathological changes are chest tightness and fullness, lack of basin pain, asthma and cough, Qi inversion, worry, heat in the palm, wind, lack of urination, asthma and cough, Rao arm pain, pharyngeal swelling and pain, shoulder and back pain. The main diseases treated by this method described in the article belong to this kind. Exercising with this skill has a good preventive and therapeutic effect. Specific methods of


: sit upright from 3 to 7 a.m. every day, twist your body to the left and right and turn your head. At the same time, beat your back with one hand and shake your chest with the other hand in front. Five to seven times each, then tap the teeth 36 times, regulate breathing, breathe and swallow the body fluid nine times.


can cure: rheumatism stagnation, shoulder back chest pain, spinal upper arm pain, flank, leg, knee meridians to calf, ankle and joint pain, chest tightness cough, shortness of breath, thoracic back spinal upper arm stagnation and other diseases.


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