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Qigong has miraculous effect on health preservation. The five guiding skills for treating summer heat can cure diseases

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The solar term of

is in the golden autumn. At this time, the Yang Qi in nature is more and more convergent, and the Qi of yin and Yang in the human body has also changed its rise and fall. In traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, there are several health preservation Kung Fu that are suitable for diligent practice in the summer season and have the effect of alleviating and treating diseases. Let's understand the five treatable guiding skills.

气功养生有奇效,处暑五项导引功可治病 you may like it "heat preservation secret collection"


"I. voice guidance skills adapt to diseases: various liver diseases. Specific methods: stand naturally, with feet as wide as shoulders, arms naturally drooping, palms facing the inside, fingertips close to Fengshi point, pull out the top, tongue against the palate, lift the anus, and eliminate distractions in the heart. Relax the whole body, stand still for five minutes, and use abdominal clockwise breathing method. When inhaling, the abdomen is convex, when exhaling, the abdomen is concave. When inhaling, try to breathe until the air is full, when exhaling, try to breathe out, and make a drinking sound when exhaling. At the beginning of practice, you can make a sound. After you are proficient, don't hear the sound. Breathe repeatedly for 36 times.

II. Supine guidance skill adaptation: stop vomiting. Specific methods: relax the whole body, straighten the legs, put the arms loosely on the side of the body, put the left foot on the back of the right foot, breathe deeply, fine and evenly with the nose for 24 times, put the right foot on the back of the left foot, and breathe deeply with the nose for 24 times.


III. adaptation of upward suction guidance: Dyspepsia and sobering up. Specific methods: sit upright on the chair, with the feet separated by the same width as the shoulders, the thighs and lower legs at a 90 degree angle, the trunk straightened, the whole body relaxed, and the jaw slightly retracted inward. Relax the whole body, tilt your head back, face upward, inhale and exhale with your nose, and breathe deeply and evenly for 24 times.

IV. rib rubbing guiding skill is suitable for symptoms: constipation and abdominal fullness. Specific methods: lie on your back on the hard board bed, relax your whole body, eliminate distractions, rub and push your two ribs from top to bottom with your hands, push the front directly from under the breast to the lower abdomen, and then push it to the rear edge of the armpit, massage for 5-10 minutes, then inhale deeply with your mouth, swallow it and exhale slowly with your nose, one inhalation and one exhalation for 36 times.

v. toe guidance skill adapts to symptoms: ruffian mass and inverse Qi. Specific methods: sit upright on the hard board bed, straighten your legs, keep the tip of your right foot upward, put your left heel on your right toe, and relax your whole body, so that the Qi of yin and Yang on the left and right of the human body can rise and fall on the left, and the rise and fall of the Qi machine can help to eliminate ruffles. The left foot surface is tight and straight. When using it, inhale and exhale with the nose, breathe deeply and evenly for 36 times, and the mind moves down from the chest to the toes of both feet during breathing.


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