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The eight "firsts" of summer diet make you healthy and confident

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With the arrival of the

summer solar term, the weather is getting drier and drier. According to the theory of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, the diet tonic at this time focuses on Nourishing Yin and lungs, moistening dryness and generating fluid, so as to resist the invasion of autumn dryness. Let's understand what the eight "first" health dishes of summer diet are.

白萝卜 you may like "the first dish: white radish white radish contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, which can promote digestion, enhance appetite, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve cough and phlegm. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine also believes that the taste is sweet, cool and enters the lung and stomach meridian. It is a good food therapy product, which can treat or assist in the treatment of a variety of diseases. The compendium of Materia Medica calls it "the most beneficial of vegetables". The autumn turnip meat is plump, sweet and refreshing. Eating raw is helpful for people with cough, phlegm, pharyngitis and hoarseness. The best combination of


: boiled soup with white radish and crucian carp has the effects of warming the middle and lower Qi, strengthening the spleen and removing dampness. This soup is also wonderful in the "two white" ingredients. White radish is soaked in milk white fish soup, which makes people have an appetite. White radish and pear juice can moisten the lungs, clear away heat and dissipate phlegm. Pear has the effects of moistening the lung, cooling the heart, eliminating phlegm and removing fire. Squeezing juice and drinking with white radish can not only cover up the spicy taste of white radish, but also double the therapeutic effect. People with poor spleen and stomach can boil water together if they can't drink too cold fruit juice.


the first melon: Pumpkin pumpkin contains the carotene we need and rich vitamin E, which can improve our symptoms of autumn dryness. Pumpkin is rich in starch, protein, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. Pumpkin not only has high edible value, but also has a therapeutic effect that can not be ignored. According to the South Yunnan Materia Medica, pumpkin is warm in nature, sweet in taste and non-toxic. It enters the spleen and stomach. It can moisten the lungs and replenish qi, dissolve phlegm and discharge pus, expel insects and detoxify, treat cough and asthma, treat lung carbuncle and constipation, and has diuretic and cosmetic effects. The best combination of


: for friends with lung discomfort and cough, it is recommended to use beef and pumpkin with stew, which can not only prevent colds, but also have the therapeutic effects of moistening lung and Qi, treating cough and asthma and moistening skin.


the first meat: after the duck gets rid of the heat, the hot weather will be difficult to retreat for a while and a half. At this time, people can eat delicious duck meat, which can not only increase nutrition, but also remove autumn dryness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck meat can greatly tonify asthenia and fatigue, nourish the Yin of the five zang organs and clear the heat of asthenia and fatigue. It has the effects of nourishing the stomach, generating fluid, clearing heat and strengthening the spleen. Duck meat is suitable for people with heat and fire in the body. Old duck soup is rich in bone collagen, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other components, which is more nutritious and in line with the consumption trend of modern people in pursuit of a healthy diet. In the separate records of famous doctors, duck meat is called "wonderful medicine" and top-grade tonic. People think that old duck soup is "the holy medicine for tonifying asthenia and fatigue". The best combination of


: ginger and radish should be put in the stewed old duck soup. There is a saying in China's diet custom that "eating radish in winter and ginger in summer is healthy all year round". In autumn, both radish and ginger can be well taken into account in a pot of old duck soup to promote a healthy diet to the extreme. There is a famous dish in Huaiyang cuisine called "Ginger mother duck", which is to add a large amount of ginger when making old duck soup. When the cold of duck meat meets the heat of ginger, Zhonghe becomes a mild old soup, which is quite in line with China's golden mean and dialectical diet philosophy. Stewed duck with radish has the effects of clearing heat, moistening lung and relieving cough.


first fruit: Sydney is a raw pear with cold and sweet taste. It has the effects of moistening lung, relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. It is especially suitable for eating in autumn. Compendium of Materia Medica records that pear is beneficial and its nature is fluent. It can cure wind heat, moisten lung, cool heart, eliminate phlegm, reduce fire and detoxify. Modern medical research has proved that pear has the functions of moistening lung, clearing dryness, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, nourishing blood and generating muscle. Therefore, it has good effects on patients with acute tracheitis and upper respiratory tract infection, such as dry throat, itching, pain, hoarseness, thick phlegm, constipation and red urine. Pear also has the effect of reducing blood pressure and nourishing yin and clearing heat, so it is good for patients with hypertension, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis to often eat pear. The best combination of


: steamed pear with rock sugar is a traditional dietary supplement in China. It can nourish yin and moisten the lung, relieve cough and expectorant, and has a good moisturizing and protective effect on the throat. "Pear paste sugar" is famous at home and abroad. It is boiled with pear and honey. It has obvious curative effect on patients with lung heat and long cough.

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