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24 solar terms exercise for curing summer heat: beating the back to dredge Qi and blood

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24 solar terms health exercise is said to have been created by Taoist ancestor Chen Tuan. It is based on the changes of 24 solar terms in a year and the operation law of human Qi and blood, combined with the basic skills of Taoist health preservation. So today, let's learn about the health exercise of relieving summer heat and activating qi and blood - back beating.


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"when you are in summer, you can practice the" back beating posture ". The specific methods are as follows: 1. Sit in a cross position, press your hands naturally on your knees and relax your whole body; 2. Extend both arms to both sides of the body, with the little finger on the top, the thumb on the bottom, the palm back and look ahead; 3. Hold your hands into an empty fist from your fingertips, draw an arc backward, and gently press the fist eyes against both sides of the sacrum; 4. Strike gently from bottom to top with two fists along both sides of the spine. At the same time, lean forward slightly and stretch the spine; 5. Turn the head and body back to the left as far as possible, rotate and stretch the spine, continue to beat with two fists, and turn the head and body to the right; 6. Lean forward slightly, turn your head and body to the right and back as far as possible, and Practice on the right, once on the left and once on the right, for a total of 3 times; 7. Release the two fists into palms, extend to both sides of the body, with the little finger on the top, the thumb on the bottom, and the palm back; 8. Extend both arms at an angle of 45 degrees to the front left and right until they are flat with the shoulder and the palm is downward; 9. Sink the shoulder and drop the elbow, restore the fall, press both hands on both knees, look at the front and bottom, breathe naturally and relax the whole body. The moves


are very suitable for sedentary and desk sitting workers. The exerciser looks left and right, and the side extension of the spine is like two bows, accompanied by hammering. For the spine and related meridians, it is like bouncing a tight string, so as to dredge the Qi and blood of the meridians.

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