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Summer food therapy and health food can strengthen the spleen and stomach, with good taste

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The arrival of

summer solar term means the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. However, in terms of temperature, the summer season has not really entered autumn. There are still many wet and muggy weather such as sauna and thunderstorm days. Therefore, we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and dampness removal and maintain the spleen and stomach at this time. Then let's take a look at a summer diet and health food, which is good for strengthening the spleen and stomach.

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"peanut and red bean porridge: strengthening the spleen and stomach, reducing blood sugar. Ingredients: 50g peanut kernel, 80g red bean, 100g rice and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Methods: 1. Wash peanuts and red beans and soak them for 3 hours; 2. Wash the rice, add an appropriate amount of water and boil it; 3. Pour peanuts and red beans into the pot and continue to cook; 4. After the water boils again, turn to low heat, cook for about 1 hour, and add a little rock sugar.

red beans: flat in nature, sweet and sour in taste; Return to small intestine and heart meridian. Red beans are rich in starch, also known as "rice beans". It has the functions of diuresis and dehumidification, yellowing and detumescence, detoxification and purulence. It can treat edema, abdominal distension, beriberi swelling, hemorrhoids bleeding and other diseases. In addition, red beans contain more dietary fiber, which helps to moisten intestines and defecate, reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, and lose weight.

peanut: flat in nature and sweet in taste; Return to lung and spleen channels. Peanut fruit is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, vitamin K, vitamin E and so on. It has the effects of strengthening spleen and stomach, reducing fat and diuresis. Because peanut is rich in fatty oil and protein, it can nourish blood and dredge milk for those with insufficient postpartum milk. In addition, peanut oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which is conducive to discharging cholesterol from the human body and avoiding cholesterol deposition in the body, so as to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


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