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Learn to make hot summer health porridge. It's not too tired to drink porridge in a summer

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heatstroke season is in midsummer. At this time, it is hot and humid. If the Qi of heat and dampness takes advantage of the deficiency, it is easiest to reduce the moisture in the human body, make people upset and irritable, and even cause problems such as summer and heatstroke. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors suggest that drinking more medicinal porridge during this period is a good choice for nourishing and health preservation. Let's understand the role of drinking health porridge in heatstroke.


and 学做大暑养生粥,一夏喝粥不嫌腻 you may like the scenery of the great heat. Enjoy the two types of casserole porridge


. Among the casserole porridge, two common porridge are quite nutritious and suitable for summer. First, paste crab porridge has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, tonifying and strengthening. It is mainly used for asthenia, physical deficiency and frequent urination; Meat crab porridge has the effects of appetizing, eliminating edema and strengthening the spleen. It is mainly used for weakness, lack of spirit, loss of appetite and so on; The other is pheasant porridge, which can expand blood vessels, resist platelet aggregation, nourish liver and kidney, replenish qi and blood.

in addition, some people like to add some medicinal materials to increase nutrition when making casserole porridge at home. Experts suggest that if there are medicinal materials that cannot be eaten directly in the formula, you can first boil the traditional Chinese medicine into medicine juice, filter out the precipitation, and then add rice or noodles to cook porridge, or grind the traditional Chinese medicine into powder, and then cook the porridge with rice; If the ingredients in the porridge are large, knife treatment should be carried out first, and then cook the porridge in the pot to make the porridge thick and delicious.


porridge are suitable for qingbu health preservation in summer. Qingbu is very important. In the casserole porridge, the delicious seafood is the most attractive. How to have both qingbu and delicious? This simple and easy to make "pumpkin water crab porridge" is a casserole porridge with both. "Pumpkin water crab porridge" is simple and easy to make. The method is to cook the pumpkin and mash it first, and then put the melon and mashed water crab together when the porridge is cooked. It tastes delicious. The bright orange and yellow porridge is dazzling.


when making this porridge, you need to use the high fire to boil the pot and then cook it over a slow fire. After cooling, you can eat it. This heat relieving porridge has the effect of clearing the heart and purging fire. It can nourish the intestines and stomach while replenishing water, and gently regulate the body. It is a good way to dispel fire and raise health in summer. It is most suitable for summer consumption.


experts suggest that summer tonic should not be too violent, especially for people with weak body, warm and thick porridge is not suitable, which is easy to cause deficiency without tonic. Summer is only suitable for "qingbu", that is to use food or drugs that can not only replenish the body, but also generate fluid, quench thirst and relieve summer heat to supplement the deficiencies needed by the body.


are mainly used to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drugs with mild and cool properties in summer, so as to achieve the balance of deficiency and excess of yin and Yang in the body. Therefore, when cooking casserole porridge at home, it is a good choice to choose duck, chicken, fungus, mushroom, etc. and add them to casserole porridge, while casserole porridge with water fish as the main raw material is not suitable in summer.


many "dampness removing porridge" for clearing heat and relieving summer heat belong to old fire porridge, which can be boiled at home. According to experts, the materials of dehumidification porridge mainly include dried vegetables, firewood fish, white gourd, job's tears, etc. this kind of porridge can also be made at home, and it is relatively simple and convenient to cook. It just needs to be cooked slowly in the way of casserole porridge.

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