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It's cold to the bone. Is it cold on March 9 or April 9

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is one of the folk solar terms of the Han nationality. Derived from Chinese traditional culture, it is a law summarized according to the change of weather or the change of the sun. Therefore, it has also become a unique traditional culture in China. This issue of 39 days takes you to understand whether it is cold in 39 days or cold in 49 days.


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are the coldest, really in "March and September"? "March 9th" is the third nine days after the winter solstice, about the middle and late January. It comes from the tradition of counting nine in our country. To count nine is to count one "Nine" every nine days from the winter solstice every year until 81 days of "99". The warm weather ends. There is no exact information on when the


counting nine custom originated. However, the winter solstice was used in the Western Zhou Dynasty more than 3000 years ago. It is estimated that Princess Mi Yue, the beauty of the Warring States period, may count nine... Far away, it is certain that the counting nine custom has been popular and common at least in the northern and Southern Dynasties. Liang Daizong wrote in his book Jingchu suishiji: "the winter solstice days and 9981 days are commonly used as the cold end."


39 are the coldest. During the winter solstice, the day is the shortest, the angle between the direct sunlight angle and the ground is the smallest, and the sunshine intensity received by the ground per unit area is the smallest. Therefore, the ground receives the least solar heat every day, and the daily heat budget deficit has not reached the maximum. After the winter solstice, although the daytime increases day by day, the growth rate is very slow. From the winter solstice to the "March 9" period, the average daily growth is only about one minute. At the same time, the angle between the direct sunlight angle and the ground increases very slowly. The daily heat budget of the ground is still in deficit, so it continues to lose heat and the ground temperature continues to decline. The deficit of total ground heat budget reached its maximum in the "March 9th" season. As the air temperature is mainly affected by the ground temperature, it leads to the lowest temperature in the "March 9th" season (of course, it is not the same in the country, but every year, which varies by region and year). In addition, the cold air mass in Siberia also developed to an extremely strong stage before and after the "March 9th" movement, and the frequent invasion of strong cold air is also one of the reasons for the low temperature. The coldest reason for


is that the earth absorbs the heat from solar radiation during the day and emits it at night. In summer, more heat is absorbed during the day and less heat is emitted at night. In this way, some heat can be accumulated every day. In winter, less heat is absorbed during the day and more heat is emitted at night. Not only can it not be accumulated every day, but also some heat accumulated in summer should be used up. On the day of the winter solstice, less heat is absorbed during the day, but there is still some stored heat on the earth. After the winter solstice, the heat stored is less and less. At the "March 9", the earth's heat storage is the least in a year, so it is the coldest.

even in the "3949" period, the heat absorbed by the ground is still less, the heat emitted by the ground is still more than the heat absorbed, and the air temperature near the ground continues to decrease. When the solar heat absorbed by the ground is almost equal to the heat emitted by the ground, the temperature reaches the coldest level.


and "Jiujiu song" reflect the process of warming from colder to coldest in a year. The phenological phenomenon reflected in "3949" just reflects that "3949" is the coldest time of the year in China.

people often say "it's cold in March and September". "March 9th" is the third nine days after the winter solstice, about the middle and late January. March 9 and April 9 are often at the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, so there are statements of "entering the twelfth lunar month gate and freezing the whole family", "La Qi La Ba, going out and freezing the ghost".

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