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It's people's favorite in winter. How about going to the hot spring three or nine days

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what is the most comfortable thing to do in the cold days of March and September? Of course, it's hot spring. You're snowing outside and I'm as warm as spring inside. It's such a pleasant thing, and there are many benefits of hot spring in March and September. Then, the three or nine days of this issue take you to know whether you can take a hot spring in three or nine days and the benefits of taking a hot spring in three or nine days.


the benefits of soaking in hot springs for three or nine days are as follows:   [bathing in hot springs can balance the pH of human body, and bathing in hot springs can prevent cancer!] people will retain a large amount of acidic waste in their daily life, which will make people's physique sour. This acidic environment is the favorite environment for cancer cells.

and soaking in hot springs can promote cell movement, and negative ions can clean up the garbage in blood vessels. At the same time, hot spring water provides small molecular group active water rich in a variety of minerals beneficial to human body. This water can clean human cells, and the minerals can be combined with acidic substances in the body, So that the human body can achieve acid-base balance. Cancer cells are born and die every day in ordinary people's life. This is the proof of modern medicine and common sense of life.


people with high immunity have anti-cancer physique. People who are easy to get sick will gradually reduce their immunity with age, which greatly increases the birth of cancer cells. 1500 years ago, the notes to Shuijing in the Northern Wei dynasty recorded that "huangnv soup can cure thousands of diseases." it said that the ancients used hot spring water for drinking and bathing to cure diseases.

[persisting in hot spring has the effect of beautifying the body.] hot spring can promote the body cells to carry out self movement in the static state of the human body. This movement will burn fat. At the same time, nano small molecule water will also dissolve subcutaneous fat and form fat sweat to be excreted from the body. This kind of fat sweat is similar to the skin care products we usually use, which can make our skin smoother and more delicate. According to the research of medical experts, every half-hour of soaking in the hot spring is equivalent to jogging for two kilometers. Therefore, adhering to soaking in the hot spring can make the body more perfect,


[soaking in the hot spring is particularly effective for cold and wet constitution.] cold stagnation and moisture stagnation are the main factors for many people's physical discomfort. In fact, the harm of cold and moisture to human body is that they block our meridians, which are blocked and full of diseases. By reflecting the biological wave emitted by the human body, soaking in the hot spring can make the cells resonate, so as to discharge the cold and dampness and open the meridians.

[bathing in hot springs can improve mental state.] bathing in hot springs can eliminate fatigue; Activate collaterals, muscles and bones, reduce pain; Alternating hot and cold springs can accelerate the relaxation of the whole body. After being baptized by the hot spring, your whole body will be full of energy


[soaking in the hot spring can improve the symptoms of three highs.]. Bathing in hot springs can release a large number of negative ions and biological waves. Negative ions can accelerate blood circulation and remove garbage attached to the blood vessel wall. Biological waves can restore the function of our damaged and dormant cells, so that the body can reopen its original function. Therefore, cleaning up blood vessels, high blood pressure and high blood pressure, the islet recovery function, diabetes is gone.

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