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Go through the summer! Where can the elderly travel in summer

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is one of the twenty-four solar terms. Compared with large and small heat, it is a very comfortable solar term. When it comes, it means that the heat in summer is gradually disappearing and autumn is coming. And autumn is the most suitable season to travel. So where can the elderly travel in the summer? Let's have a look.


where do the old people travel in the summer - Recommendation Index of the ancient city of Phoenix: recommendation reason: the old people's legs and feet are not as sharp as the young people, so they should not consume a lot of physical activities. It is the most appropriate way to take a leisure vacation. The ancient city of Phoenix is mainly playing with water, visiting former homes and gardens, avoiding the labor of climbing. First, you can go to see the ancient and scattered stilts in Shen Congwen's border town, the rotating waterwheel at the foot of the wall of the old city, and the clear and gurgling water of the Tuojiang River. Second, you can take colorful wishing lights and put wishing lights in the Tuojiang River to pray for peace for the whole family instead of your family.

tips: scenic spots: Tuojiang River, rock jumping, Wanming tower, city wall, stilted building, North Gate Tower, Xiong Xiling's former residence, duocui building, water wheel, Hongqiao, Shen Congwen cemetery, Laodong Miao village, Tianlong gorge, Yang family ancestral hall, etc.


delicacies: the delicacies in the ancient city of Phoenix are mainly sour and spicy, such as duck with blood cake, fried meat with bamboo shoots, etc. they have heavy taste and are not suitable for the elderly. However, there are many small shops in Phoenix, where you can drink light tastes such as fish in sour soup, sour cabbage and tofu soup.

transportation: Phoenix has no railway station, so if you take a train, you should go to the nearby Jishou, Huaihua and Tongren railway stations. After getting off the train, you have to change to a bus to get there.


accommodation: the price of Phoenix Hotel ranges from 20-100 yuan / night. For the elderly, you can find a relatively quiet stilted building by the Tuojiang River, where you can experience the real style of Western Hunan. The price is generally 10-50 yuan. Or if you don't feel at ease, choose a regular hotel. The price is generally between 100-200. The price of double rooms in ordinary family hotels is about 60-120 yuan / room, and the price of standard rooms is about 100 yuan / night.


where can the elderly travel in the summer - Sanya Recommendation Index:

recommendation reason: Sanya, located at the southernmost tip of China, is a place to comfort themselves. Many elderly people with conditions regard it as a good place to rest. If you want to worship Buddha, there is Nanhai Guanyin; Want to soak in hot springs, there is the Pearl River Nantian; If you want to be cool, the sea breeze blows your face... And watching your parents walking hand in hand at the ends of the earth, you will be moved. The so-called ends of the earth, hold your son's hand and grow old together.

tips: scenic spots: Tuojiang River, Shen Congwen's former residence, Hongqiao, the great wall of the south, Tuojiang Tiaoyan, Shen Congwen's cemetery, Laodong Miao village, Tianlong gorge, Yang family ancestral temple, Wanming tower, North Gate Tower, Xiong Xiling's former residence, duocui building, etc.


food: besides seafood, Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan sheep and Jiaji Duck are delicious in Sanya, and Baoluo powder is loved by local people, depending on their personal taste.

transportation: when taking a taxi, you must pay attention to bargaining. Generally, you can cut it down. The key is to be able to calculate the fare, 1 yuan per kilometer. For example, 24 kilometers from downtown to Yalong Bay, you can almost bargain to 25 yuan. In addition, hotels in Sanya generally provide car rental services. There are car rental price lists in the lobby for reference.

accommodation: Sanya has three main bays: Dadonghai, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay. Dadonghai is the largest hotel in Sanya, with various grades and good sea view; Fishermen can be seen pulling nets in Sanya Bay, but the facilities are not complete. Most hotels are newly-built, and the house price is very cheap; Yalong Bay is basically full of 5-4-star high-end hotels and resorts, which basically represents the highest level of Sanya hotels.

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