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Where are you going in the heat? Best summer resort recommended

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the most terrible and hottest solar term of the year is coming. This will be our most painful day. We can stand the cold, but it's really hard to stand the heat. At this time, a series of summer resorts are very popular. This issue of the solar terms of the great heat takes you to know where the great heat goes? Best summer resort recommended.


best summer resort recommendation 1. Qingdao Dalian cool index

recommendation reason: Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city, is known as a summer resort with beautiful mountain and sea scenery and pleasant environment and climate. It is a national famous historical and cultural city and a scenic tourist and resort. The coastline of Qingdao is winding, and there are many high-quality beaches. It is a good place for seawater bathing.


are characterized by the beautiful urban style of red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky in the West and modern urban style and harmonious environmental construction in the East, forming a beautiful picture of Qingdao's seashore. Laoshan Scenic Spot is a famous mountain on the sea and a holy land of Taoism. It is a must visit place for tourists to Qingdao.


Dalian is a famous summer resort and tourist hot spot city in China. It is close to mountains and sea, with pleasant climate and beautiful environment, which is suitable for living. Dalian is one of the first batch of excellent tourist cities in China. It not only has rich cultural and historical tourism resources in modern China, but also has many beautiful natural tourism resources. Southern coastal scenic spot, Lushunkou scenic spot, Jinshitan scenic spot and Bingyu scenic spot are the four major scenic spots in Dalian. Tips for playing


: climb Laoshan Mountain, taste seafood and spend the summer on the beach. The best time of


: Dalian has a north temperate monsoon continental climate. There is no extreme heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. It is the warmest place in Northeast China. The annual average temperature is about 10 ° C, of which August is the hottest, the average temperature is 24 ° C, and the number of days when the daily maximum temperature exceeds 30 ° C is only 10 to 12 days.


2. Kunming Lijiang cooling index

recommended reasons: Kunming has beautiful natural scenery, many scenic spots and historic sites, the climate is like spring all the year round, and the flowers bloom unabated. It is known as "spring city" and "flower capital". The climate is mild, with no heat in summer and no cold in winter. The city is green all year round, with continuous flowers and branches, like spring in four seasons. Kunming is adjacent to Dianchi Lake in the South and surrounded by mountains on three sides. There are 10260000 hectares of forest land in the city. The superior climatic conditions of


make more than 400 kinds of flowers open, especially camellia, orchid, Rhododendron and Primula. Kunming Botanical Garden is a gathering place of plants and flowers, with nearly 4000 tropical and subtropical plants, most famous for Camellia.

Kunming, as a famous historical and cultural city in Southwest China, has a long history and has left many cultural relics and scenic spots for Kunming. Lijiang has a high prototype southwest monsoon climate, with low temperature and large temperature difference between day and night. Most areas of Lijiang are warm in winter and cool in summer, with an average temperature of 18,1 ℃ ~ 25,7 ℃. Tips for playing


: the best time for climbing Yulong Snow Mountain, visiting ancient towns, leisure and summer vacation


: the natural scenery of Lijiang in Kunming is snow mountains, glaciers, valleys, forests, meadows and lakes. Beautiful, bright, safe, leisurely, distant, contented, quiet and harmonious are the destination of people's beautiful ideals. From July to August, avoid the surging crowd, exile yourself in nature, listen to the call of the wind, the song of birds, the sound of running water, and listen to your heart. This is the real Shangri La.

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